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Weyburn police, CMHA team up to promote good mental health

Police, CMHA urge residents to #GetReal for their mental health

WEYBURN – This year, the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Weyburn Branch and the Weyburn Police Service have collaborated to promote mental health through a citywide mental health week initiative.

The theme for this year’s Mental Health Week is EMPATHY! Lets #GetReal with each other. We may be different, but that doesn’t make us rivals. Let’s stop polarizing and start empathizing.

Be there for each other when times are hard and be ready to listen. You don’t have to agree to understand, and you don’t have to fix it to help. In the spirit of community and in support of mental health, we have created and will be distributing a green door hanger with list of resources to serve two purposes:

Valuable Resource
: This door hanger contains a list of valuable resources and supports available within 
the community for those who may need them. 

Mental Health Awareness Initiative: We are hoping our community will support our initiative by placing the door hanger on your front door or mailbox (visible) to help raise awareness during Mental Health Week, which is May 2-8, 2022.

Join in and show your neighbours and community that you take mental health seriously. The hope is that this small act of understanding encourages people to talk to one another and use these resources. To build a stronger healthier community, to be unified, to inspire change, we need to come together and be open to helping others if they decide to reach out.

We all find ourselves struggling to cope with life’s stressors from time to time. We have all felt alone, isolated, sad, depressed or anxious in our lifetime. Maybe you have struggled with negative self-talk, alcohol, drug or gambling addictions; have been a victim of crime, bullying or harassment, or are having difficulty and experiencing lasting affects from all things COVID.

We know these are not the only things that can affect our mental health, but we also know that some of us suffer in silence; our hope is that through this initiative we recognize the importance of empathy, and that we are all encouraged to reach out for supports when needed.

Weyburn and area has lost individuals from drug overdoses, and suicide, and this is true for this community and so many others. The hope is that this initiative will generate awareness, empathy, knowledge, and compassion.

It is important to know that Weyburn and area has many resources that can provide supports and or resources for those of us in need; mental health services, psychiatry, addictions, Victim Services, CMHA Weyburn, Envision Counseling and Support Centre, and police assistance are available within the community.

It is also essential to know that if you or someone you know is in crisis and need help or a well-being check, you can contact the police 24 hours a day.

The goal is to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and nurture a stronger, inclusive community. The hope is that you will take part and come together by placing the door hanger outside on your front door during mental health week (May 2-8, 2022); then keep the resource or scan the QR code for more resources in case you or someone you know needs support.

By participating, you will not only show your support, you will help to increase the profile of mental health in our community as well as encourage our families, friends, neighbours and community not to suffer in silence. You will also have the resources needed when they do reach out; we can help connect ourselves and others to the supports needed to promote and maintain mental health.

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