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Weyburn police investigate alcohol-related incidents

The Weyburn police received 67 calls for service, with 21 charges laid during the week of Oct. 18-24
Weyburn police cruiser-1046
Weyburn police were busy with 67 calls for service , with 21 charges laid this past week.

The Weyburn Police Service responded to 67 calls for service during the week of October 18 to 24, resulting in a total of 21 charges. Of the charges, five were under the Criminal Code of Canada, 10 under the Traffic Safety Act, and three each under the Alcohol & Gaming Regulation Act and the City of Weyburn bylaws.

During the week, a total of 11 charges were traffic related (10 TSA and one bylaw), including four for speeding, two for using a cell phone while driving, two for driving without due care and attention, two for having an unregistered vehicle or trailer, and one for driving as a learner without a supervisor.

Officers responded to a report of a heavily intoxicated male located outside of a local business. The male was arrested, held in custody until sober, and charged with unlawfully having open alcohol in public.

Following the complaint of an erratic driver, officers were able to locate the suspect vehicle and subsequently examine the driver for sobriety. As the result of the examination, the driver received a 72-hour driver’s license suspension but no further charges.

During patrol, officers noticed an adult male banging on the window of a vehicle with an adult female sitting inside. Officers stopped to see if everything was okay and discovered that the male was heavily intoxicated and the female did not know who he was. The male also had an open bottle of alcohol and began to drink it in front of the officer. The male was arrested, held in custody until sober, and charged with unlawfully having open alcohol in public.

Officers responded to a two-vehicle collision resulting in a young driver being charged under the TSA for driving without due care and attention. The young male failed to notice a vehicle stopped in front of him and ran into the back of it. Neither driver was injured.

Officers conducting a traffic stop discovered one of the occupants of the vehicle had an outstanding warrant for their arrest, and also for breaching a condition of their release. The adult female was arrested, charged accordingly, and released with an upcoming court date.

Officers also responded to a variety of other calls, including domestic disputes, alarm calls, noise complaints, mischief, and wellbeing checks. During the week, three individuals were charged for failing to attend court as required.