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Weyburn police investigate threats, and ‘car-digging’ by youth

The Weyburn police responded to 107 calls for service on Sept. 19-25, and laid 25 charges, 18 of those under the Traffic Safety Act
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Weyburn police responded to 107 calls for service, and laid 25 charges on Sept. 19-25.

WEYBURN – The Weyburn Police Service (WPS) experienced a busy week responding to 107 calls for service during the period of Sept. 19 to 25, resulting in a total of 25 charges. Of the charges, five were laid under the Criminal Code of Canada, 18 under the Traffic Safety Act (TSA), and two under the Vehicle Equipment Regulations (VER).

The majority of charges during the past week were traffic related, with 20 of the week’s 25 charges falling under either the TSA or VER. Of the 20 traffic related charges, eight were issued to drivers that were exceeding the speed limit, and seven to drivers that were found to be operating a vehicle without a valid driver’s license or valid registration on the vehicle they were operating.

An adult male faces a criminal charge of uttering threats to cause harm following an investigation in which an adult female expressed concerns for her safety. The Weyburn Police Service has requested assistance from another police agency as the male does not reside in Weyburn.

Officers responded to a reported “car-digging” in which the owner, being alerted by his dogs barking, looked out his window and observed a youth rummaging through his parked vehicle. An officer was on patrol nearby and attended immediately.

The owner provided a detailed description of the culprit and indicated to the officer that he watched the youth go inside a residence nearby. The owner expressed that he only wanted the youth spoken to and warned as there was nothing missing or damaged. Police located the youth and a warning was given in the presence of the youth’s parent.

An adult female faces several charges following a late-morning incident in which she physically assaulted an adult male who refused to allow her to use his vehicle. Investigation revealed the woman, who was on a probation order at the time, physically struck the man and caused damage to his vehicle and cell phone. The woman was charged with assault, mischief to property, and failing to comply with a condition of her probation.

Officers also responded to a variety of other calls including alarms, domestic disturbances, suspicious persons or vehicles, mental health concerns, requests to check on an individual’s wellbeing, harassing communications, and calls relating to animals or bylaw concerns.

*Anyone with information regarding one of these matters, or any other matter of a criminal nature, is encouraged to contact the Weyburn Police Service at (306) 848-3250, the local RCMP Detachment at 310-RCMP (7267), or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).