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Weyburn Rotary Club donates to local organizations

Local charitable organizations received donations from the Weyburn Rotary Club at their luncheon meeting on Thursday.
The Weyburn Rotary Club made donations to four local organizations at their meeting on Thursday at the Weyburn Legion. From left are Rotary member Myron Fletcher; Jamie Blunden, CMHA board; Ryan Rawn, vocational coordinator for the Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop; Tasha Collins, executive director, CMHA; Jackie Wilson, Inclusion Weyburn; Colin Folk, Weyburn Group Homes Society; and Jill Thorn, president, Weyburn Rotary Club. Donations were also made to the City of Weyburn for the swimming program, and Weyburn Care-A-Van Society.

WEYBURN – A number of local charitable organizations received donations from the Weyburn Rotary Club at their luncheon meeting on Thursday.

Inclusion Weyburn, represented by Jackie Wilson, received a donation towards their summer programming.

Weyburn Group Homes Society received a donation, and executive director Colin Folk noted these funds will help the group purchase a new wheelchair-accessible mini-van in the near future.

Folk noted the bus they currently use seats six wheelchairs, but to take it to Regina for appointments or events costs about $240 in fuel.

“If we had a one-wheelchair van, we’ll save quite a bit of money in fuel. That’s our goal for this year,” said Folk.

The Canadian Mental Health Association in Weyburn received a donation, accepted by executive director Tasha Collins, and incoming board chair Jamie Blunden.

Collins noted they have several interlapping clients with the other agencies receiving donation, so these donations are helping quite a few people in the community.

“Without donations like this, we just wouldn’t exist,” added Blunden. “The community support here is phenomenal, and this will help us with the programming that we do.”

Ryan Rawn, vocational coordinator for Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop, also accepted a donation and noted the funds will go towards upgrading the outdoor space at the facility for the clients to enjoy.

In addition to these groups, Rotary donated $2,000 towards the public swimming program at the outdoor pool for this summer, and they have donated to Weyburn Care-A-Van Society, towards a new wheelchair mini-van.

Earlier in the meeting, Rotary member Gwen Wright noted she and Robin Williams took a donation of needed items to the Salvation Army.

She said they were told in recent discussions that the Salvation Army has great demand for items like dish detergent and Poise pads, but they don’t usually have funds to spare for those while keeping their food bank stocked.

Rotary was able to use a fund of $700 towards buying nine cases of dish detergent, plus the Prairie Sky Co-op donated a $100 gift card, which was used to buy 14 packages of Poise pads, all donated to the Salvation Army.

“They are so thankful that Rotary is helping them out. They are very needed products,” said Wright. “They put these items out sparingly, and keep tabs on who gets them.”

The Weyburn Rotary Club will be taking part in the golf ball drop again this year with the Estevan Rotary Club, and the drop will take place on Saturday, Sept. 9 at the Weyburn Golf Course.

Tickets aren’t available yet, but will be available for sale at Gifted, which will be held on Saturday, July 8 in Jubilee Park in Weyburn.