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Weyburn Rotary Club starts 75-day Challenge for fitness, raising funds

The 75-Day Challenge is open to anyone, from now until March 16

WEYBURN – A 75-day Challenge is underway by Rotary Clubs in District 5550, including the Weyburn Rotary Club, with the goal of challenging people to be physically active, and as a side benefit, to raise funds for the Rotary Foundation.

Doug Loden, Weyburn’s club president, outlined what the Challenge was all about, and gave his own goals as an example of how he’s taking part in it.

The Challenge is on from now until March 16, and involves getting pledges, setting goals for being physically active, and achieving those goals.

“Our club has been thinking about fundraisers, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity,” he said, laying out the seven steps to take part in the Challenge.

The plan for the Challenge is to support the Rotary Foundation with projects around the world.

The Weyburn club has supported projects like the 1,000 Survival Gardens in South Africa, and the hippo roller project, which provides the hippo rollers to 1,000 family units to transport water for washing, cooking and irrigating.

Participants in the Challenge can get moving by walking, running, biking, swimming or skiing, or any other physical activity.

Each participant is asked to set a goal for themselves, and to record how much walking or swimming or cycling they do.

They are also asked to get pledge sheets and record how much they are willing to donate, along with pledges from any family or friends willing to support you in the Challenge.

Once the Challenge is done on March 16, the participants should contact those who made a pledge and collect the funds, and turn it in to the Rotary Club for the Rotary Foundation.

Loden noted that he has set a goal for himself of 600 km over the course of the Challenge, divided up into running-walking, swimming and biking.

“It’s totally flexible as to how much you do, and it can be any sort of activity,” he said. “Walking at the Spark Centre is one way you could that when it’s -30 below outside.”

Information has been posted at the CU Spark Centre about the Challenge, and anyone who wants can take part simply for the physical activity aspect, or to also contribute pledges for the Rotary Foundation.

To obtain a pledge sheet, sending in any donations for the Rotary Foundation, or for any further information about the Challenge, contact Loden at 306-861-9949.