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Weyburn Salvation Army kicks off kettle campaign

Holiday Smile Cookie campaign at Tim Horton's runs Dec. 5-11 for Salvation Army
Shannon Fodchuk of the Salvation Army accepted a donation of $10,000 from Norm Mondor, to kick off this year's kettle campaign.

WEYBURN – Longtime Weyburn oilman Norm Mondor kicked off the Salvation Army’s annual kettle campaign with a donation of $10,000.

“We are very grateful for Mr. Mondor’s continued support year after year,” said Shannon Fodchuk, community ministries worker for the Salvation Army.

The kettle campaign starts off on Thursday, Dec. 1, and will be at two locations this year, the Walmart and the Wholesale Club. Fodchuk noted they need volunteers to fill two-hour shifts, and they have about half of the shifts filled at this point.

In addition, the Tim Horton’s Holiday Smile Cookies are being sold from Monday, Dec. 5 to 11, with proceeds of the cookies being donated to the Weyburn Salvation Army.

“We are looking for volunteers to help out at Tim Horton’s putting the smiles on the cookies throughout the campaign from either 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. or 10 a.m. to noon. We are very grateful to be the lucky recipients of the Holiday Smile Cookies,” said Fodchuk, noting that the funds raised will be used to keep the food bank stocked as they have an ever-rising client base.

“As of today’s date we have an increased client base of 13 per cent,” she said, adding if anyone is interested in helping with the smile cookies they can contact Fodchuk at 306-842-2280 to get signed up, or to volunteer for a shift on one of the kettles.