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Weyburn students take part in making mural for Culture Days

A mural of a medicine wheel was created for Culture Days in Weyburn, with copes to go to elementary schools and one will be at the Spark Centre.

WEYBURN – Grade 6 classes painted squares that would become part of a mural of a medicine wheel, as part of a Culture Days project which is centring on Truth and Reconciliation.

The mural sessions were led by Krystal Glowatski of Collabartive Studio, and she explained the significance of the picture as well as sharing about her life as a First Nations woman.

Krystal noted that she was unaware of her First Nations roots until about three years ago, when her mother found out more about her family.

Her mother was part of the 60s Scoop and was taken to a residential school, and only in recent years has been able to learn more about her culture, along with Krystal.

Four classes painted squares which will be made into four murals of 36 squares each, plus there was an opportunity for the public on Thursday evening to finish off the squares.

Each of the elementary schools will get a mural, and the fourth one will be hung up in the Credit Union Spark Centre.