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Weyburn teacher, volunteer named 2022 Golden Spike Award winner

Rod Nieviadomy was 'very humbled' to be named to this prestigious award

WEYBURN – The Weyburn Chamber of Commerce named a longtime welding and machining teacher and board member of the Weyburn Credit Union, Rod Nieviadomy, the 2022 winner of the Golden Spike Award.

“I’m humbled to receive this, very humbled, and grateful,” said Nieviadomy, as he thanked the Chamber for putting on their President’s Dinner and annual meeting on Wednesday evening.

Last  year’s event was virtual, and it had been cancelled the year prior due to the COVID pandemic. For this year, the Weyburn Legion Hall was filled for the dinner, which featured business commentator Paul Martin, and a Grade 6 entrepreneur, Kamryn Doud, as the guest speakers.

“I can think of no better city, and the people who live in it and the surrounding area,” said Nieviadomy.

He noted a number of his former colleagues had nominated him, and he didn’t know about it until just a few days ago.

“You never expect to win an award. I’m just very humbled to have been nominated,” he said.

Nieviadomy had retired from his teaching position in 2021 after starting in 2002 at the Weyburn Comprehensive School, but he came back this year to mentor his replacement. He spent the first semester and the first part of the second semester, and he is now finished with that position, he said.

Asked if he will miss being a teacher, he said, “I just love the kids, that’s who made it all worthwhile.”

Nieviadomy had worked for several years in the trades before taking on the teaching position. He was a long-time member of the Weyburn Credit Union board and served as president of the Weyburn Golf Club for several years.

During his teaching years he was an instrumental part in promoting the WCS students participation in Skills Canada programs and competitions both provincially and nationally. He spearheaded the development of the Saskatchewan Youth Appreciation program, which has provided numerous scholarships to WCS students in the field of machining and welding.

He was instrumental in the creation and design of various projects on the grounds of the Weyburn Comprehensive School including the new concession stand near the track, and the goalposts and stands, and was also one of the main organizers for community support for the new scoreboard at Darold Kot Field.

He has sought engagement from many local industries and businesses so students within his program could pursue work experience, skills training, and potential employment in the area of welding and machining.

He had developed a deep connection with the Hass Group who have invested a significant amount of money into the WCS shops and scholarships. This has helped maintain the level and quality of equipment in these programs.