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Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop selected as a ‘Hero’ organization by Rona

Wor-Kin Shop provides opportunities to clients to work and learn skills
Wor-Kin Shop crew-1791
From left are Ryan Rawn, vocational coordinator; Wor-kin Shop workers Josh Baun, Justin De Roose and Robin Stelter; and vocational supervisor Yvette Howells, with the mitre saw bought from last year's donations through Rona.

WEYBURN - The Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop has been selected as a Hero organization by the Rona Heroes Campaign.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have been selected as a Hero organization by Rona, and excited to reinvest the amounts collected directly back into our community,” said Wor-Kin Shop executive director Jeff Richards. “Our organization has a great history with local business, and Rona is no different. It is heart-warming to see the support for the people we serve.”

Long-time Weyburn business owner, and Rona dealer, Jeff Chessall was also excited to be part of the initiative and to support the Wor-Kin Shop. “We’re so proud to support the Wor-Kin Shop as part of the Rona Heroes campaign and to actively contribute to the success of people in our home town,” said Chessall.

For the month of September, Rona customers will have the opportunity to donate to the Heroes campaign, which Rona Canada will match at 50 per cent. These dollars will be donated to the Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop.

“We use donations like this to fund activities and tools for the people we serve,” explained Richards. “For example, last year, we purchased a new miter saw for our Vocational Training Centre, which allowed our participants to be more efficient and safer as they produce pallets for local manufacturers such as Nexans, Mryglods, and Stewart Steel.”

The Wor-Kin Shop would like to acknowledge the on-going support from businesses such as Rona, and Jeff Chessall, along with the support they receive from the entire community.

For more information about this initiative, please contact Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop Executive Director, Jeff Richards, at 306-842-3411 or