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Weyburn Young Fellows make centennial plans, seek city’s help

Young Fellows hope to bring Hunter Brothers to city for celebration
Young Fellows members Todd Bedore, left, and Sandy McCormick brought their plans for a centennial celebration to city council on Monday, with a request for help from the City for sponsorship.

The Young Fellows Club of Weyburn will turn 100 years old in 2022, and are making plans to hold a public outdoor celebration next summer.

Two club members, Sandy McCormick and Todd Bedore, approached city council on Monday evening to ask for the City of Weyburn’s help to put on this celebration, with the hopes they will be one of the sponsors for the event.

The details are being worked on by the members of the organizing committee, with plans to have Saskatchewan group, The Hunter Brothers, as the main entertainers, with an event also being planned for young children.

“The Young Fellows Club has committed to this project in a fairly big way, and we are looking to you for some support,” said McCormick, chair of the committee.

He added they don’t want to go to a large number of sponsors like they do with the Internet auction, but to line up some major sponsors to help take care of the main expenses to put on an event like this.

The Young Fellows are hoping as well to have excess funds from the event, which they will ask the public to help decide where the funds will go.

“We would like to identify four or five worthy recipients in the community, and then empower the individuals in the community and/or those in attendance at the centennial project to decide via an online voting process,” said McCormick.

“This is something we have not done in the past, and the final details as to how to execute it will have to be worked out,” he added.

The club members noted that the City and the Young Fellows have a long history of collaboration and partnerships (such as for the spray park at the Don Mitchell Tot Lot), and if the City decides to be a sponsor, it will continue that partnership.

“It will show the community that it is time for everyone to feel safe and to celebrate that the local economy can open up. We hope you feel the same way we do about this project,” said a letter from the club to city council.

The club noted they average about $80,000 net revenue each year from their fundraising efforts, and have donated back a cumulative amount of over $2.5 million during their years of serving Weyburn and area.

The letter also indicated they would like to hear back fairly soon so the club can decide whether they are going ahead with this project or not.

“Thank you for your 99 years of service to this community, and best of luck for this project,” said Coun. Jeff Richards.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done in the community. The timing is right for this request,” said Coun. Dick Michel, who noted that council is beginning their budget deliberations for 2022, and they will discuss if this request can be accommodated in that budget.

Coun. Laura Morrissette noted her husband is a former Young Fellow, and said she has been involved with a number of organizations who have been greatly helped by the club over the years.

“I think this idea is fantastic,” added Coun. Mel Van Betuw.

“As a past Young Fellow, I can support this concept, and look forward to some fulsome discussions on this request,” said Coun. John Corrigan.

Mayor Marcel Roy also thanked them for the presentation, and said the council will try to have an answer for the club by the end of November.

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