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Who is this guy reporting for the Carlyle Observer?

And that, in a nutshell, is who this guy is.
Paul Kimball is excited to join the Carlyle Observer

CARNDUFF - Perhaps, as you’ve read your favourite newspaper, you’ve seen an article or two by an unknown name, Paul Kimball, and wondered, “Who is this guy?” Good question. I’ve been asking the same thing for almost 65 years. 

I spent my first 20 years in the Toronto area. I remember three life ambitions as I was growing up – to be a marine biologist, then a journalist and finally a pastor. My poor science skills kyboshed that first dream, a lack of the right high school courses killed the second, so I pursued the third. I went to seminary for a year, then heard a voice saying, “Go west, young man.” 

Off to Winnipeg I went to work at a church for a summer. I liked Winnipeg so much that I moved there, continued my studies there and met Linda, the woman I would eventually marry. I didn’t do well in school, so my pastoral desires fell by the wayside.  

When all else fails, go into sales. That’s what I did for the next 29 years. It wasn’t dream number 4, but it was still good. 

At 51, I got the golden handshake and decided it was time for a career change. I worked for a mission for three years, serving the homeless. While there, that pastoral itch came back. 

I applied to a few churches, then heard that voice again with a slight variation. “Go west, old man.” I ended up in Carnduff. 

Linda and I arrived in 2014 and I began to live out dream number 3. About a month later, I started writing a column for the Carnduff Gazette. Dream number 2 became a reality.  

And now I wait and wonder when and if my dream number 1 will ever be realized. Maybe the aquarium that was at the mission was the closest I’ll ever come. 

Linda and I have three children and three grandchildren. 

And that, in a nutshell, is who this guy is. 

I’m glad to be writing for the Carlyle Observer. But I need your help. If you know of any happenings in your area, especially Alameda, Alida, Redvers and south all the way to the Manitoba border, or if you know any interesting people or pets whose story I could tell, give the Observer a call and they’ll pass your name on to me. As much as I like Carnduff, I want to tell the story of your community, too. 


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