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Young Carlyle artist's talent keeps building her music career, and she’s ready for personal show

"I'll never forget that feeling," Morgan Robertson on her first single release

CARLYLE - The music talent for Carlyle’s Morgan Robertson was evident early in life and kept developing from there, recently solidifying into the first professional steps.

Robertson, who just graduated from high school this past summer, released her first country single, Goodbye Train, in October, and now will be playing her first-ever solo show.

The Mercury spoke to the young musician about her successes and plans.

She said to have her song professionally recorded and officially released first felt a bit "weird," but it was a "good weird" and soon it became "just normal,” as making the next step in her music career was a matter of time for Robertson.

"My friends have bothered me for years now to put my stuff on Apple Music, release my music. So I have something out there now for them," Robertson said.

Going from writing a song to releasing it was a big process, Robertson said, which became possible after Goodbye Train won a songwriting competition. From winning that the young musician got to record the song. Robertson recorded the vocal track in Regina, and the studio that was holding the competition did the instrumental part.

"It was all remote. One of the guys is from Nashville, one’s from Toronto and one's from I want to say Victoria or Vancouver, somewhere in B.C.  We all did it separately. They recorded their drums, bass guitar parts and then we put it all together. And I want to say, in June I got the final copy back," Robertson recalled.

She was graduating from Gordon F. Kells High School in Carlyle in 2021, which kept her occupied for some time last summer, slightly delaying the final steps.

"I was really busy with school, so I didn't really have time to try to release it. And I wasn't sure if I wanted to. But everyone wanted me to. So I really got to try to figure that out in late August-early September," Robertson continued.

She talked to some friends in the music industry about all the steps a musician has to take to have a song officially released and distributed on different streaming platforms. She got through it and had Goodbye Train officially released on Oct. 22, 2021.

Local radio stations have picked up the song after it was professionally recorded, and Robertson said hearing it on the radio was "exciting."

"I'll never forget that feeling," Robertson said.

The next thing on the agenda is a full two-hour solo concert at the Mac Murray Theatre in Arcola, where Robertson will play a mix of her songs and covers. It will be her, her guitar and some good country music.

"I've done one-hour sets before, but I've never done two hours," Robertson said.

Robertson is currently residing in Saskatoon, where she is obtaining her red seal as an electrician while continuing to grow her musical career. The school takes up a lot of time, but she said she still finds time to progress her talent.

"I've been going to an open mic every Tuesday in Saskatoon and I've been meeting a lot of people and I think I'm going to start jamming with a band. We are going to start playing my stuff … and see how that goes," Robertson shared.

She's done her first semester of school and is now onto a work term, which means she'll have a bit more time to focus on her music.

"I'm excited. I hope I can get some more gigs lined up," she said.

A potential first EP or an album is in discussion now, but "nothing is set in stone yet," Robertson added.

The Mac Murray Theatre will have Robertson play a full program on Jan. 15. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased from Blake at (306) 577-9904, via e-transfer to, at Michael's Coffee Shop and Bakery in Carlyle, King's Department Store in Carlyle and the Carlyle Pharmasave.