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Young Fellows announce major sponsorship for Weyburn's new theatre

The Young Fellows Club of Weyburn announced a major sponsorship in the amount of $100,000 to the Weyburn Theatre Community Service Cooperative
Members of the Young Fellows Club of Weyburn gathered with representatives of the Weyburn Theatre Community Service Co-operative (WTCSC) as the Young Fellows announced a $100,000 sponsorship of the party room at the new two-screen theatre. From left to right are Ray Jarvis (YF); Brett Ferguson (WTCSC); Ryan Bader (YF); Shane Warner (YF); Ryan Janke (WTCSC); Chad Ror (YF); Len Hutchings (YF); Taylor Gonczy (YF); Reed Anderson (YF); Andy Barber (YF); Todd Bedore (YF); Lee Tochor (YF); Laila Bader (WTCSC); Chad Bailey (YF), and Sean Purdue (WTCSC).

WEYBURN – The Young Fellows Club of Weyburn announced a major sponsorship in the amount of $100,000 to the Weyburn Theatre Community Service Cooperative (WTCSC).

The City of Weyburn has been without a theater since the Soo Theatre operated by Landmark Cinemas was closed permanently in January of 2018.

In the club’s announcement, they said, “This closure has left a hole in our community. The lack of a movie theater provides many challenges to our community. It deprives us of a space to come together and experience the arts and culture in the form of cinema. It’s an amenity that people look for when considering where to live. It’s a form of entertainment that we lack to help draw smaller local communities to our city and provide our residents an option for their entertainment needs that won’t require them to travel to another city.”

The Young Fellows’ bylaws set out the ultimate objective of the club, which is “To promote the spirit of fraternalism amongst its members, to develop its members for better citizenship, and to contribute in any way to the betterment of the public welfare.”

Helping to get a new theatre up and running as a cooperative aligns with the club's ultimate objective. It’s a place for everyone to come together and enjoy a movie, it promotes the spirit of fraternalism within the community as a whole, and improves the public welfare.

This sponsorship is for the WTCSC’s Party Room and completes another Pillar Contribution for the group. The Party Room will be located inside of the new movie theater complex and available for events such as birthday parties, sports team wind-ups and a variety of other small group activities.

“The Young Fellows are one of the longest standing non-profit service clubs in Weyburn, with over 100 years of history. We are thankful for their partnership and thrilled they share our vision of a revitalized downtown through the addition of a brand new, two-screen movie theatre. This sponsorship takes us one step closer to our goal of bringing the movies back to Weyburn,” said Sean Purdue, treasurer of the Theatre Cooperative.

The Young Fellows Club of Weyburn is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Weyburn Theatre Community Service Cooperative to construct a new, state of the art, movie theatre in Weyburn.

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