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A women's golf tournament with a twist

Teams came dressed in costumes and played in a tournament with a unique scoring format.
Winners of this year’s tournament were, from left, Laurie Fornwald, Karla Haygarth, Lisa Riches and Darlene Carnduff.

OXBOW - A women’s Texas scramble golf tournament, consisting of teams of four women, was held June 3 by the Oil Wives Club of Oxbow.

It was held at the Moose Creek Golf Course, and it was quite the show. Women came out dressed to the nines in costumes matching their group’s theme. They were looking to golf but mostly to have fun. Team costumes that could be seen ran from the 1950s to hippies from the ’60s, a PJ party to hungry hippos, to a construction crew. As well as decorating themselves, many golf carts got the same treatment, all to fit the group theme.

Sherlynne Best’s team dressed as the Pink Ladies from Grease.

“I liked to say it’s a golf tournament where no golf experience is necessary,” she said. “It’s about having fun and enjoying the day and maybe having someone open up to the idea of being a golfer.”

Best found the joys of golfing 40 years ago.

There were nine holes with a prize offered of $1,000 for any hole in one, but unfortunately nobody managed to claim that prize. The clubhouse offered up a supper of chicken, potatoes and salad. There was a putting green contest with circles drawn around the hole and a points system similar to darts. Offering a prize to the winner of the coveted wind spinner, “I just happened to be the lucky winner” Best said. “Businesses were very very generous with many great prizes.”

Though people didn’t have to be a good golfer to win a prize, the team dressed as construction workers, who had also went all out to decorate their golf kart, won for best costumes. Best dressed was an honor that was determined by the women at the golf course.

There were also door prizes and a 50/50.

“Each hole had a twist. For one hole it was what colour the ladies underwear was.” Best said “If it was navy, black, or purple, you had to add a stroke to your score. If it was any colour other than white or neutral you got to take a stroke away.”

The Putting with Help hole had everyone at a disadvantage with the no putters allowed on the green rule. For an alternative option you could choose from a hockey stick or a pool cue.

Being older was an advantage at the ageless hole where the team added up their ages and got strokes off for the total being high or a point added for being a younger entry.

At the end, with all the strokes your team had taken and the fluctuations due to how the ladies had chosen to dress that morning, or the other fun games or questions at each hole, the numbers were tallied up for a team total. This year’s winners were the team of Darldene Carnduff, Karla Haygarth, Lisa Riches and Laurie Fornwald, who won $50 and an item from the prize table.