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Bruins recognize Sereggela family at Sportsman’s Dinner

Sereggela family has supported the Estevan Bruins for more than 50 years.
Sereggela Family tribute
The Sereggela family was recognized by the Estevan Bruins at Thursday's Sportsman's Dinner.

ESTEVAN - The Estevan Bruins used their annual Sportsman’s Dinner fundraiser on Thursday night to recognize the contributions and support of the Sereggela family.

The Sereggelas have backed the Bruins for more than 50 years. Team president Josh Biggs noted that in the early 1970s, when the old Western Hockey League Bruins moved to New Westminster, B.C., and it appeared Estevan would be without junior hockey, the late George Sereggela Sr. was one of the three investors who helped establish the Saskatchewan Amateur Junior Hockey League version of the Bruins.

Over the years, the Sereggela family has supported the team in various capacities, including as volunteers, billets, board members and even a coach for the team. And they have sponsored the team as well through the Tower Cafe and other businesses. 

“The Sereggela family … are proud life-long fans of the Bruins,” said Biggs.

Head coach and general manager Jason Tatarnic pointed out that when he was considering coming to Estevan in 2020, George Sereggela Jr. was the team’s president at the time, and Tatarnic found him to be a “first-class person.”

“I met his family, and I have to say the same thing about all of them,” said Tatarnic. “They made me feel very welcome and they made my family feel very welcome.”

The community is very fortunate to have them.

The club presented the Sereggelas with a commemorative jersey with the No. 22.

George Sereggela Jr. said they are lucky to live in Estevan. It takes an army of fans, billets, sponsors, volunteers and others to sustain a junior hockey program.

He said they continue to love the Bruins.

George Sereggela Jr. noted that his father was an immigrant to Canada who was extremely grateful to be adopted by Estevan. Support for the Bruins was one of the ways to give back and show thanks.

“It’s certainly been a privilege of ours to be associated with the Bruins over the years,” said George Sereggela Jr.

A junior hockey team means a lot to a community, as it’s a source of pride and unity. It’s been wonderful to see the players develop and be a source of inspiration and influence to young people in town.

“I think they’re certainly role models to many,” he said.

Sereggela Jr. thanked everyone who was involved in making the Centennial Cup a reality, from the bid community to the host community to the volunteers to anyone else involved.

“Thank you to Hockey Canada for its confidence, and for giving us the opportunity to showcase our organization, our city, our facilities and most of all the wonderful people of Estevan.”