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Carlyle 10 & unders excited to be back on the ice

It's official the minor hockey season has begun and there's nothing more pleasing than the sound of the Carlyle Sports Arena full of energetic hockey players.

It's official the minor hockey season has begun and there's nothing more pleasing than the sound of the Carlyle Sports Arena full of energetic hockey players.

Under the capable coaching hands of Duane Bye, Calvin Fisher, Lee Bitternose and Trevor Morrison these nine players are out there and working hard.

This year's roster is made up of 4 veterans, Makenna Morrison, Raine Smith, Karli Colpitts and Aaron Chapman and 5 rookies: Jace Fisher, Easton Bitternose, Devon Sanders, Kyle Bye and

Nathan Bye. Two "A.P's" for the year are Tyler Colpitts and Logan Young.

With three games under there belts this team has already come together and beginning to set up plays and gel as a team.

Game one against Lampman was a tough one for the kids as they quickly learned they were going to have to play as a team if they want to come away with the win.

Games two and three showed us all how hard this team practiced all week and could not have been more different than game one.

Veteran defencemen Aaron Chapman not only stands strong on the blue line but still manages to score a few help the team both defensively and offensively. Aaron picked up

3 goals in these two games with the last goal being a beauty in the top corner.

Jace Fisher's speed is by far his greatest asset. He has the ability to rush with the puck and still get back in time to help defensively if needed. Jace notched 2 goals in two games and

we're all looking forward to seeing him shine this year.

Veteran Raine Smith continues to play stong defence. Raine helped out in both games with her strong ability to clear the puck out of her own end and is especially strong in front of her

own net helping out Devon Sanders.

Devon Sander stepped up once again to be the teams goalie. He helped us succeed in game two and kept us in the "nail bitter" game three with awesome pad and glove saves.

Devon's concertration level is high and he is ready and trying each time his opponent is given an oppourtunity to score.

Karli Colpitts and Makenna Morrison are two veteran forwards who have come through for their team each game. With seven goals between the two of them their ability to pit the puck

in the net is obvious. Karli's great work ethic and speed alone with Makenna's stick handling

ability makes these forwards a strong asset to this team.

Rookie Easton Bitternose's speed and ability to move the puck up to his forwards has helped with each game.

Brothers Nathan and Kyle Bye are both playing wing this year. Kyle has the ability to sense where the puck is heading and gets to it before his opponents. Nathan has a shot that

has been proven to be hard to stop, with most of his goals being scored at least have way up the net. Nathan had averaged two goals each game. Nathan's most important goal came in game three at the four

minute mark to tie the game. The win wasn't to be but it wasn't due to lack of hard work.

A big thanks to Tyler Colpitts for helping out in game three, Tyler had no trouble keeping up with the plasts and was a pleasure to watch.

With one loss against Carnduff, 8-7, and one win against Redvers, 7-5, this team can surely call this weekend a success. This team kept us on the edge of our seats through all game three

and set up many great plays.