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Carlyle hosts first motocross event of the year

Dozens of motocross races were in Carlyle for a stop on the South Corner Racing Circuit.
Kate Lees processed
Kate Lees is the president of the South Corner Racing Circuit.

CARLYLE — Last Saturday afternoon, the first motocross event of the year was held in Carlyle. 

Despite the sweltering heat, there were over 65 participants competing on the motocross track located south on Eighth Street West.

The South Corner Racing Circuit (SCRC) is a motocross circuit based out of southeast Saskatchewan. Established in 2007 as a starter series, they now cater to the beginners in their very first race, up to the seasoned veterans of the sport. The SCRC strives to create a family environment where people feel safe and welcome. The SCRC consists of Alameda, Carlyle, Estevan and Weyburn, with each community having its own track and responsibilities.

The present executive of the SCRC includes president Kate Lees. Other Carlyle-area members of the board are treasurer Kelsey Rekken and race day co-ordinator Kelli Maher.

All riders are required to belong to both the Canadian Motocross Association and the SCRC for insurance purposes. Annual memberships are $50.

Susan and Kelly Rekken have operated the concession booth since 2004 when the Carlyle motocross track was constructed. It is named the Bowan Rekken Moto-X Track in honour of their son, who passed away in 2003.

“We are lifers”, said Susan.

Profits from the concession and the nominal $5 gate fee for admission are used to pay the flaggers and the cost of an ambulance. For insurance purposes and to comply with Saskatchewan law, an ambulance must be onsite and manned during every race day.

Lees is well known in motocross circles. She has been racing since she was 12. She regularly competes in many events, including the Canadian Women’s National Championships and has finished third in the country.

In addition to her tireless efforts volunteering in the sport that she loves, Lees is also a registered nurse and is employed full-time at White Bear Health and part-time for the Sun Country Health Region.

“Motocross is back to a full season and the SCRC has upcoming competitions set for Estevan and Alameda in August. We are back in Carlyle on September 17th, the Saturday of Homespun Weekend. Hopefully the dads and their kids can come out and enjoy the races while their mothers shop,” said Lees with a grin.

Motocross is a demanding sport and requires tremendous financial and personal support from the families. For many of those in attendance, the circuit has become a fraternity and a weekend habit. Competitors develop lifelong friendships with each other and, for all of them, they couldn’t think of a better way to spend a weekend day.