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Carlyle Observer's Golfer of the Week

Golfing only gets better and better
Wendy Currie Golfer of the Week
Wendy Currie poses with her golf clubs and bag at a game in Sun City, Ariz.

Wendy Currie of Kenosee Lake is retired after many years as the manager at the Credit Union in Wawota, and later as a consultant at Investor’s Group.

She now has a lot more time to enjoy her hobbies, one of which is the game of golf.

Currie gets in a round of golf at least four or five times a week, golfing most of her games at Golf Kenosee, although she does enjoy a round or two elsewhere including the White Bear course.

When she’s not out golfing with the ladies, she and her husband Garnie also attend partners’ tournaments at some of the neighbouring communities, including Moosomin, Whitewood and Rocanville.

Currie says she’s been golfing for the past 32 years after deciding to give it a try.

“My husband was golfing and I didn’t want to sit at home while he went out and had fun,” she says with a little chuckle.

“So I decided I think I’ll go and try this game of golf.”

“The rest is history.”

“I loved it and I was hooked.”

Currie says they would bring out their three little boys with them while they golfed.

“You learn to concentrate in a hurry.”

And now those three boys all golf as well as the grandchildren. Everybody likes the sport.

Golfers hope to one day sink a hole in one during their golfing days. Currie has had a total of four, all of them at Golf Kenosee, three on No. 8 and one on No. 18.

“You just never know when those are going to happen,” says Currie.

“The one on #18 was Ladies Day and we were rushing out to get going. I never even took a practice swing and it went in the hole.”

“It’s all about luck.”

The Curries have done quite a bit of travelling.

For many years, they’ve gone in the 55-plus gang, golfing in different locations. For instance, they might golf in Stoughton and end up on the course at Moose Jaw.

Currie goes on explain:

“With winning those, I ended up in Brockville, Ont., one year and another year in Sydney, N.S. When I won in Sydney, N.S. I actually was invited to go to the States where I golfed in Houston and on a countback won that tournament. That was my ‘claim to fame.’ That’s the most exciting thing I’ve done as far as golfing goes.”

“I love the sport and we’re out there quite a bit. It’s a challenge. It’s a great experience when you get out there and have a really good game and you just keep trying to do that over and over again.”

Golf is all about trying to beat your own score.

When she retired she joined the Kenosee Ladies Golf Club who golfs every Tuesday.

They winter in Sun City, Ariz., so she golfs down there in a ladies league as well.

“If you play good enough you can win your club championship and then you go on to play in the Champion of Champions. I’ve been lucky enough to play in that every year that we’ve been down there. I’ve won our club championship down there but I’ve never succeeded in winning that Champion of Champions,” says Currie.

“The best decision I ever made when I started golfing was to take lessons,” explains Currie.

“I feel that when I do have a good round of golf, it’s because of the lessons I had, which are still embedded in my mind.”

Currie wrote down everything she learned years ago from her golf instructor and still refers to that cheat sheet every now and then.

Currie gives some good advice to any newcomers to the game:

“It would help if you take lessons before you start developing your own bad habits because those bad habits are hard to get rid of. Even three or four lessons are better than none.”