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Carlyle Sports Arena receives needed upgrades

A new Zamboni, fresh paint and hopefully a new sound system will greet users in the fall.
Carlyle Sports Arena upgrades
Town of Carlyle recreation director Danielle Steele and facilities operator Kevin McAuley are pictured with the new Carlyle Sports Arena Zamboni.

CARLYLE - During the past few months, the Town of Carlyle has been upgrading its recreational facilities and the Carlyle Sports Arena has been the benefactor of numerous upgrades.  

Earlier this spring, the artificial ice plant required a new condenser which has been installed. The three components that facilitate heat exchange in an indirect refrigeration system include the chiller, the compressor and the condenser.  

The condenser uses cooler ambient air to extract heat from ammonia gas. It is hopeful that the upgraded system will provide the skating rink with good quality artificial ice for years to come.   

Last month, employees of Vermilion Energy provided the Town of Carlyle with hours of goodwill labour repainting the sports arena bleachers.  

Clayton Geiger is employed as a lead operator. Vermilion Energy entered southeast Saskatchewan through the acquisition of a private oil company in 2014. They significantly expanded their footprint in the area with the acquisition of Spartan Energy Corporation in 2018. 

“All Vermilion employees are expected to volunteer up to two days a year to assist their hometowns in free time and labour. These are known as care days and eight of us decided to help our skating rink with some much-needed painting.” 

The sports arena’s ice resurfacer was 30 years old and had to be upgraded. A new Model 446 Zamboni was purchased and delivered to Carlyle last week. The old Zamboni has been sold to the town of Manitou, Man. That community was still using the old tractor method of flooding and was very excited about moving up to an actual ice resurfacer. 

Finally, the Sports Arena was also in dire need of an upgraded sound system and a new one has been ordered. Hopefully installation will occur before the start of hockey season, which is slated for October.  

Mayor Jenn Sedor is a promoter of recreation in Carlyle and is pleased to see the recent upgrades and improvements to several of its facilities.  

“I am very happy to see all the progress coming from our recreation team and volunteers. There is so much to be proud of in our community. Thanks to all for your efforts in the maintenance of our facilities.”