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Carnduff Golf Course is looking green to start the season

Carnduff's golf course is getting ready for another busy year.
The Carnduff Golf Course is ready for another year.

CARNDUFF - Jodi Wall, the facility manager at the Carnduff Golf Course, says over 2,500 rounds of golf are played on their nine-hole course every year, catering to both members and walk-ins.

“The club has been incorporated since 1971,” Wall shared.

This club is one that works well with its long-term members, allowing them since the 1980s to get together and build their own golf cart sheds onsite.

“When enough of them get together they just built a shed themselves, then they can store their own carts and just pay a trail fee.”

But no worries if you need to rent one; the golf course just bought six new carts last year that are for rent.

The club hosts three major tournaments a year but is always open to renting out the clubhouse or the grounds for an event.

“We have done weddings, and reunions. We are happy to accommodate people on the menu for any event,” said Wall.

They can now freely do it, having taken over the staffing again of the clubhouse. It is no longer being privately run.

The men’s tournament that is coming up from June 9-11 and the women’s July 28 and 29 are two of their annual tournaments. They also host an oilmen’s from Aug. 11-13.

The club’s fundraising board will also host an event at the golf course on Sept. 9, which will include altering the holes for a par-3 tournament with a supper and live band. There will be hole-in-one sponsors at each of the nine holes with big prizes, such as a boat, for the lucky person to take home if they make the memorable shot. 

Lottery vouchers will soon be out and for sale up until the event, with prizes of travel vouchers for $6,000, $3,000 and $1,000 to anywhere you want to go.

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