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Estevan bowler now the president of national group

The Estevan man is the new president of the Canadian Tenpin Federation.
Blair Boyle
Blaine Boyle is the new president of the Canadian Tenpin Federation.

ESTEVAN - Bowling has long been a big part of Blaine Boyle’s life. 

Now it’s going to be even more important, as the Estevan man is the new president of the Canadian Tenpin Federation. He was elected at the organization’s annual general meeting on Nov. 28, 2021, and officially took over the reins of the organization on Jan. 1 of this year. It’s a one-year term.

Boyle is in his ninth year with the Canadian Tenpin Federation. He has served as the director of coach development for the past nine years, and he has also held the position of national youth director, which included the national youth tournament.  

As president, he will be in charge of making sure the board fulfills promises to members across Canada. 

“As president, I will no longer be in charge of coach development and the youth director,” he said. “I will sit on both those committees, but there will be new directors assigned to take those.” 

They have directors who look after Team Canada, international programs, awards, membership, policies and other facets associated with a national sporting organization. 

He’s looking forward to the challenge of being the president and getting the organization operating smoothly again.  

“It will be nice to make sure everything is up and running fully, and leagues are going across Canada again. We’ll be doing what it takes to help out our members across Canada. I’m looking at that challenge and I’m kind of excited for it.” 

The board has nine members who are all volunteers, and there is a full-time, paid executive director. 

Boyle has bowled for most of his life and has always been at Estevan Bowl. Not only is it a good place for the sport, but he has worked there on and off for 35 years.

“I’ve been a staple at the bowling alley,” he said.  

He has worked with Special Olympics in Estevan in both five-pin and 10-pin bowling as a coach, and he’s been a youth coach in Estevan for the past 12 years. Coaching is still enjoyable for him. 

“It’s fun to develop these young ones that will keep our sport alive on and on and on. Without the youth, we wouldn’t be anywhere.”  

He has enjoyed the friends he has made, the people he has met and the tournaments he has entered.  

“When you can travel, you’re going to different provinces and the States, and you meet up with people. You just make friendships. I think it’s just meeting the people (that’s great), and whether it’s East Coast, West Coast or down into the States, you always meet someone new, and you make good friendships.” 

While it’s competitive, it’s always a good social atmosphere, and Boyle hopes he can continue to foster that as president.