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Estevan Comprehensive School salutes outstanding athletes

Students were saluted for their athletic achievements in the 2021=22 school year.

ESTEVAN - The Estevan Comprehensive School held its annual athletic awards night on Wednesday.

Many athletes from the school were saluted during the evening. Each of the male and female senior, junior and freshman teams presented recognitions that applauded the athletes for their athletic prowess and commitment the past nine-plus months.

Ryan Chernoff was named the top male athlete, while Lauren Kobitz and Tiana Seeman shared the top female athlete awards. Riley Brooks (male) and Frances Aceron (female) were recognized for outstanding sportsmanship. 

The full list of award winners is below. 


Sr. Badminton Awards

Excellence                                                                                                     Dongkyu Won

Commitment                                                                                                  Jayden Kuchinka

Success                                                                                                         Emily Phillips

Sr. Girls Basketball

Excellence                                                                                                    Lauren Kobitz

Commitment                                                                                                 Frances Aceron

Success                                                                                                        Tiana Seeman

Sr. Boys Basketball

Excellence                                                                                                   Noah Mvula

Commitment                                                                                                Riley Brooks

Success                                                                                                       Jayden Kuchinka


Excellence                                                                                                   Rebecca Duncan

Commitment                                                                                                Kristina Siemens

Success                                                                                                       Semiah Harding

Cross Country

Excellence                                                                                                   Ismail Kamel

Commitment                                                                                                Kristen Carlson

Success                                                                                                       Kylie Phillipchuk


Excellence                                                                                                   Barrett Fleck

Commitment                                                                                                Braydon Ludtke

Success                                                                                                       Olivia Wallewein


Excellence                                                                                                   Mason Mack

Commitment                                                                                                Taye Spoonheim

Success                                                                                                       JT Schrader

Sr. Golf

Excellence                                                                                                   Ryan Chernoff

Commitment                                                                                                Connor Spencer

Success                                                                                                       Jadyn Sinclair

Table Tennis                

Excellence                                                                                         Yoon Suh Jang

Commitment                                                                                      Michael Schmidt

Success                                                                                             Darian Dennis

Track and Field

Excellence                                                                                         Tiana Seeman

Commitment                                                                                      Carter Onrait

Success                                                                                             Justin Linthicum

Sr. Girls Volleyball

Excellence                                                                                         Katie Milbrandt

Commitment                                                                                      Lauren Kobitz

Success                                                                                             Tiana Seeman

Sr. Boys Volleyball

Excellence                                                                                         Brayden Hall

Commitment                                                                                      Jessie Toombs

Success                                                                                             Koen Turner



Jr. Badminton

Excellence                                                                                         Dongjun Won

Commitment                                                                                      Charlee Knelsen

Success                                                                                             Payton Phillips

Jr. Girls Basketball

Excellence                                                                                         Prysm Gooding

Commitment                                                                                      Taya Hoste

Success                                                                                             Mercedes Paterson

Jr. Boys Basketball

Excellent                                                                                            Daylin Ashworth

Commitment                                                                                      Will Duncan

Success                                                                                             Diosdado Derain

Freshmen Boys Basketball

Excellence                                                                                         Kimi Zepeda

Commitment                                                                                      Ethan Ostrander

Success                                                                                             Cameron Green

Junior Girls Volleyball

Excellence                                                                                         Amarra Pine

Commitment                                                                                      Frances Aceron

Success                                                                                             Hailey Gigian

Junior Boys Volleyball

Excellence                                                                                         Jayden Kuchinka

Commitment                                                                                      Parker Barnstable

Success                                                                                             Andrew Min

Freshman Girls Volleyball

Excellence                                                                                         Ayla Proust

Commitment                                                                                      Charlee Knelsen 

Success                                                                                             Kara Groshong

Outstanding Female Sportsmanship Award                           Frances Aceron

Outstanding Male Sportsmanship Award                               Riley Brooks

Female Athlete of the Year                                                     Lauren Kobitz & Tiana Seeman

Male Athlete of the Year                                                         Ryan Chernoff

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