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James Gallagher a leader for minor sports in Kipling

Recognizing volunteer coaches in communities
Kipling Volunteer Coach James Gallagher
James Gallagher, back row left, pictured here with the Kipling 2 U9 Royals baseball team, is a big part of sports in the town.

Editor's note: This is the latest article in the Aero Acknowledges series, which pays tribute to volunteers who make a difference to sports in their communities. We thank Aero Advertising for their support, and applaud those who volunteer to better their communities. 

Name: James Gallagher

Community: Kipling

Sports involved with: Soccer, baseball and hockey

Years coached: 10

James Gallagher is a big part of baseball and hockey in Kipling.

Not only is he there as a coach, but he’s the president of both minor ball and minor hockey in the town.

He started coaching baseball and hockey about 10 years ago when the oldest of his three children was old enough to start playing.

“I’ve always had a passion for the sport, and I wanted to give back to the kids and to the parents who used to teach us how to play a sport,” said Gallagher. 

He has remained involved with coaching ever since.

“The boys still play hockey and our daughter is still in ball and the boys are still in ball. I still get to coach them and help out with the girls,” said Gallagher.

Coaching gives him an opportunity to spend time with kids and teach them the games.

As the president of minor ball and minor hockey, he’s busy with sports throughout the year. Once he’s finished with hockey, he gets about a month off before he shifts into minor ball. 

After ball season is done, there isn’t much of a reprieve before hockey starts again.  

He also coached soccer for a couple of years when coaches were needed.

Gallagher said the number of kids in sports in Kipling continues to grow. They’ve had really good participation in both sports for eight to 10 years.

“It’s nice to see that kids are still coming out and wanting to play sports, and lots of people are stepping up to help out and coach. That’s the biggest highlight if you can keep the program successful and keep it running,” he said.

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