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Marathon runner is bringing an event to Kenosee Lake

Pilot Butte resident has competed in marathons around the world.
Boston Marathon runner Laura Sullivan has run in five of the six marathons required to earn the six star.

KENOSEE LAKE - A marathon is scheduled to happen in Kenosee Lake on Sept. 2, organized by marathon runner Laura Sullivan.

Sullivan was born and raised in Regina, but now resides in Pilot Butte with her husband Kurtis and two-year-old daughter Layla.

Attending Mount Royal University, she took a one-year course to become a personal fitness trainer.

She completed her degree through an online course at the North Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton.

Sullivan is now a certified run coach, certified director and trainer. She is also a dental assistant for Simpli Dental, a coach at Orange Theory, fitness instructor at Oxygen Yoga and fitness and run coach with Run Kulture Community.

Her boss Blake Mitchell came from the Carlyle area and his family still has a cabin in Kenosee. He has sponsored the marathon in Kenosee.

Sullivan is dedicated to her dream, which is to complete the six-star marathons and is well on her way. These marathons are put on by Abott.

She often jogs with her daughter in the stroller to be a part of healthy living and continue to stay in top shape.

Mitchell just completed his first run, is now hooked on the event and supports Sullivan in her quest to run.

In 2019, Sullivan took part in the Chicago and Boston marathons, completing the 42.2-kilometre distance in under three hours and 35 minutes.

Berlin, London, and New York would follow in 2022. Sullivan made this a family trip, and her daughter celebrated her first birthday overseas.

Berlin and London were only a week apart, but Sullivan completed them, again in under four hours. Less than one per cent finish these marathons in under four hours, and she is excited to say she is in the percentage.

To qualify for these runs, it can be based on charities, qualifying times, age and gender.

The last marathon she wishes to complete is in Tokyo, which she is working diligently to get into as this will complete her six star.

“It is very challenging to get into this one,” she said.

In the meantime, she felt it was important to get communities involved.

A full marathon is 42.2 kilometres, but a half marathon is offered in Kenosee, along with a 10 km. trail run and a five-km walk or jog.

The event is meant for the whole family. It will have a DJ, beer gardens and possibly a few vendors.

She is hoping families will come out and camp, take in a golf game and go out for supper.

As a race director, her mission for the Kenosee trail run is to create an unforgettable experience for participates, promoting healthy and active lifestyles through running.

“My vision as a race director is to build a thriving running community in Kenosee and beyond,” said Sullivan.

She envisions a community where individuals come together to pursue their passion by supporting and inspiring each other, to get back to nature and enjoy the trails.

Sullivan hopes to organize regular group runs, training sessions and workshops to provide a platform for runners to connect.

Registration for the Kenosee run is open until the event.

“Kenosee has beautiful trails,” said Sullivan. “I hope this is a lasting experience for those that attend.”

This is the biggest run event to take place in Kenosee and she is happy to be a part of this undertaking.