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Mixed success for Weyburn’s minor football teams

The U14 Falcons won 27-0 over Estevan, but lost 17-6 to the Raiders on Saturday, and the U12 Ravens lost 96-50 to Estevan.

WEYBURN – The U14 Young Fellows Falcons split their two games this week, as they won over Estevan 27-0 on Sept. 27, but then came up short on the scoreboard on Saturday, losing by the score of 17-6 to the Moose Jaw Raiders at WMF Field.

In the game on Saturday, Cooper Knox went six for 19 in passing for 59 yards, and had five rushes for 15 yards. Ella Schenher passed once for 33 yards and a touchdown, plus she had 13 rushes for 46 yards. She was zero for one in kicking, and made two catches for 42 yards.

Branson Law made one rush for four yards, and made two catches for four yards; Cohen Mantei had one rush for six yards, and made one catch for 11 yards; and Maddox Mohan had two catches for 35 yards and had a touchdown, and was named the offensive MVP.

On defence, Max Vennard made 26 tackles; Kyro Klapak had 15 tackles and was named the Defensive MVP; Alex Labrecque made 10 tackles and had one sack; Cole Payak made eight tackles; Lincoln Lillejord made three tackles, and Jesse Travis, Kohen Sanguin, Adam Schaefer, Keaton Walter and Grady Laroque each made two tackles.

Lincoln Marshall, Adler Tenold and Payton Adasci each made one tackle.

In the Estevan game, on offence, Cooper Knox went five for eight in passing for 76 yards and two touchdown passes, plus he rushed twice for 11 yards; Hudson Maloney was four for six in passing for 44 yards, and had five rushes for 106 yards and two touchdowns.

Ella Schenher made eight rushes for 18 yards, had two catches for 18 yards, and went two for four in kicking extra points but two bobbled snaps prevented the kick.

Zaniyah Odima had one rush for nine yards, and made one catch for three yards; Logan Ashworth had a catch for six yards; Jack Bell made a rush for seven yards, and made two catches for 34 yards and scored two TDs. He was named the game’s Offensive MVP.

Weston Whitford made two catches for 34 yards, and Branson Law had one catch for 25 yards, which was brought back for a penalty. Daxon Doud and Quentin Stinson had some good snapping.

On defence, Max Vennard made 14 tackles and had an interception; Keaton Walter made nine tackles; Kyro Klapak made seven tackles and had two fumble recoveries; Alex Labrecque made five tackles; Cole Payak had four tackles; Lincoln Lillejord made three tackles; and Patrick Johnson had two tackles and a sack, and was named the Defensive MVP.

Lars Frederiksen had two tackles; Kohen Sanguin made two tackles and a sack; Malley Sterling had two tackles, and Cashton Archibald had two tackles and a sack.

Cohen Mantei, Branson Law, Ella Schenher, Maddox Mohan, Payton Adasci, Lincoln Marshall and Harlen Goertzen each had one tackle.

The Falcons head to Swift Current to take on the Steelers for their final regular season game on Monday, Oct. 10.

The U12 West Country Ravens played Estevan and lost the game by a score of 96-50.

On defense, Mason Kradovill made one tackle and had an interception; Preston Walter had two sacks, three tackles and a fumble recovery; Corbin Dyke made nine tackles and Lexington Roy made three tackles.

Cale Porter, Tuckyr Brown, Braxton Wallin and Justin Uhrich each had one tackle, and Logan Payak made a fumble recovery.

QB Ranson Jordens went three for nine in passing for 21 yards, and had 10 rushes for 91 yards.

Also on offence, Caleb Duhamel had 33 rushes for 583 yards, and made one of two catches for five yards; Evrhet Schenher had 11 rushes for 87 yards, and made one of three catches for eight yards; Finley Clark had one rush for three yards, and made one of two catches for eight yards.

The Ravens will face off against Estevan for their last home and league game on Friday, Oct. 7.

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