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Motocross association looking forward to season

The Trackside Motocross Association is looking forward to being part of some racing action this summer.

The Trackside Motocross Association is looking forward to being part of some racing action this summer. 

Bryce Friess, the president of the association, said they have already had some people practising at their facility, which is located east of the Estevan Motor Speedway. The recent precipitation deterred some people from turning out to ride, but it was a help, because the track was very dry.

“With the snow, it was nice to add some moisture back to it,” said Friess.  

The association is looking to upgrade the track for youth riders this year. Donations of equipment will be needed for the upgrade.

“It’s something that we’ve been working on for the last three years, trying to make it better and giving them better obstacles to learn on,” said Friess. 

Last year they had about 20 youth members, who were anywhere from four to 14 years of age. It’s more than they’ve had in the past, but that’s not a surprise, he said, because motocross was one of the activities the kids could still enjoy.

Trackside typically has about 40 members between its different age groups.

The association is part of the South Corner Racing Circuit, which will have races in several communities this summer. Estevan’s turn is scheduled to be July 24 and 25.

It will start in Carlyle in early July, and then there will be races in Estevan, Alameda, Assiniboia and Weyburn. Last year, South Corner was the only motocross racing series to operate in Saskatchewan.

Friess said motocross is one of those sports that can happen amid COVID-19 restrictions. 

“They see you like your own little outdoor bubble. You stay in your pits, and they have restriction numbers at the gates. And then when you’re on the starting line, it’s like you’re wearing a mask with your helmet on.” 

The size of the facility makes it easier to social distance in the pits.

Friess said the drivers were excited to get out and start practising, and now they’re eager to start competing.  

“People are sending emails all the time, and asking when we can get after it, but I think right now we should be thankful that we actually have a facility where we can ride at, that’s still open,” Friess said.  

They would need to receive the green light from the Saskatchewan Health Authority before any races can happen this summer.

Trackside is also on the lookout for board members. They have three right now, which is okay, but not only do they want more, but they want to get some new blood and new ideas from people who would add to the board.