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New water well drilled at Carlyle Golf Club

Carlyle Golf course getting new water well
Well drilling at Carlyle Golf Course
A new water well is being drilled at the Carlyle Golf Club by Rebel Drilling of Weyburn.

CARLYLE - As reported in the Observer two weeks ago, the Carlyle Golf Club has proceeded with the drilling of a second water well.

Tyler Istace, third generation owner of Rebel Drilling out of Weyburn, provided some details.

“I am pleased to advise that a well was drilled to a depth of 230 feet. Water was found at the 208-foot level and should provide the golf course with a flow of 20 gallons per minute.”

This secondary well is located approximately 200 feet west of the existing water well that is still operational.

Golf club president Steve Hirtle was pleased with the success of its drilling.

“The golf course and its board of directors felt it was in our interests to protect the course from prolonged droughts. This should guarantee us with consistently green fairways even in the dry years.”