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Over 2,000 fans at Rider Round-up

The Weyburn Rider Round-up was a huge success, according to organizers Rochelle and Nicole Wendt.
Aerial photo of over 2,000 Weyburn Rider fans spelling out WRN (Weyburn Rider Nation).

The Weyburn Rider Round-up was a huge success, according to organizers Rochelle and Nicole Wendt. The Round-up was held at the Weyburn Comprehensive School track on May 14 and brought together over 2,000 Saskatchewan Roughrider fans in order to get footage for Weyburn Rider Nation's video submission for the "Where is Riderville?" competition.

"I think we expected a lot of people there but we were completely overwhelmed," said Rochelle. "It was exactly how we wanted to show-off Weyburn."

One highlight of the event was a fly-over by Dennis Mainil, during which 2,000 fans in green and white spelled-out WRN (Weyburn Rider Nation) in 100-foot tall letters.

Other highlights included a visit and autograph signing by Saskatchewan Roughriders Luc Mullinder and Wes Cates.

Children enjoyed a visit from Gainer the Gopher, Cooper the Co-op bear and the A&W Root Bear. There was also a football skills competition, put on by the Comp Eagles football team, face painting, balloons, and a blow-up bouncer and slide.

Several prizes were handed-out during the event, including prizes for best dressed adults and children. The major prize, two tickets to the Grey Cup game in Edmonton, was won by Michelle Kopp.

Rochelle said that WRN's next challenge is compiling hours of video footage into a 30-second video and essay to be submitted to the "Where is Riderville?" contest by June 15.

There are still a few more WRN events to happen, according to Rochelle. The campaign finale will take place in the next couple of weeks.

"We are having Main Street renamed Riderville Road," said Rochelle.

The honorary renaming will include a ceremony and an official unveiling of the temporary Riderville Road signs. The date for this event has yet to be determined.

The top five communities chosen to represent the Riders will be announced at the Riders July 1 home game.