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Par none, there’s a hole lot of love for golf in Assiniboia

College golfer, Davin Karst, who has played for Millsaps College in Mississippi, will be holding some junior golf lessons in the spring.
There were 42 golfers who competed in the Memorial Golf Tournament held at the Assiniboia Golf Club.

ASSINIBOIA - It’s a known myth that the sport of golf is exclusive to affluent citizens. The growing popularity of golf would say otherwise and it has been stated it has grown to be the most played sport in Canada, involving around six million Canadians each season.

Assiniboia’s Regional Park Golf Course is preparing for the opening of their season, projected for May 1, weather permitting. The golf course is a nine-hole, par 72, spanning 5,596 total yards.

The club’s social media accounts will detail season opening plans.

Board member, Laurie Hawkins, said that preparations are now underway to get ready for golf season.

“Removing the tarps to see how the greens faired after the winter, equipment prep, and getting the clubhouse prepped and cleaned, Communities in Bloom committee members will also be prepping our flowerbeds for flowers once again.”

ARPGC board members include: Keith Koller, Ken Kyle, Scott Anderson, Cody Mercer, Laurie Hawkins, Joanna Croissant, Ryan Hall, Kim Eklund, Kent Fettes (town rep), Trenton Karst (RM rep), and Curtis Karst.

Jill Lesperance will be the clubhouse manager while Taylor Wilson, Taryn Sinclair, and Jenna Gronsdahl are the full-time clubhouse staff. Sonny Malone, Mike Broda, Harvey Hysuik and Lindsey Hawkins will serve as casual clubhouse staff. The grounds crew are Shawn Goodchild, Austin Laurin and Chris Hannah.

Hawkins said in addition to Ladies Golf on Tuesday mornings, Men’s night golf is Tuesday evenings. Men’s senior golf mornings are Wednesdays while Ladies evening golf are Wednesdays. Couples’ golf night is on Fridays. 

Events lined up already this season include a men’s event on June 22. There is a junior event, date to be determined, held usually in late summer. Senior men’s event is August 1 and Ladies par three event will take place August 10.

The club’s executive said there will be numerous other golf tournaments booked throughout the year. Additionally, they hope to hold advanced ticket sales for a steak night fundraiser in July as well as Mother’s Day brunch on May 12.

“Indoor cart storage will be opening this year - the committee behind it just has to do the final touches for the inspector to pass it. We also have a new greens mower,” added Hawkins.

Running this summer recreation venue has had its challenges, notes the board. “Qualified staffing has been a challenge, declining membership, attracting board members, and rising input costs. But there are also some highlights that include a committee of local golfers who spearheaded the indoor cart storage and we have a new clubhouse manager hired following the retirement of Harvey Hysuik.”

College golfer, Davin Karst, who has played for Millsaps College in Mississippi, will be holding some junior golf lessons in the spring. Karst is an Assiniboia alumnus.

The golf club is also holding a logo design contest as they are looking for a new brand. Submissions are due by May 15.

“Each hole has a memorial bench with a plaque in memory of numerous former members. The gazebo has been dedicated to Bessie Fogal, with a beautifully carved plaque.”

The club continues to seek board members, part time cooks for men’s and ladies night meals as well as volunteers to fulfill a variety of duties.

“We have an extensive wish list of upgrades and changes and as we are accepted for grants from various entities, we hope to tackle them in the future,” said the golf club executive.

The golf course is located in the Assiniboia Regional Park less than five minutes south of the Town of Assiniboia. This prairie setting course opened in 1986 and has wide undulating fairways lined with clusters of trees and large bent grass greens.

Community golf courses have plenty to offer golf enthusiasts, veteran and rookie golfers and newcomers to the game. Assiniboia’s Regional Park golf course provides affordable golf opportunities for people of all generations and economic means.

Membership has its benefits. The summer season at the golf course serves as a community hub for recreation, events, fundraisers and gatherings that can bring together people who love the game, casual recreational golfers and those who are just starting the sport.

Golfing offers social time outdoors, physical activity and an opportunity to enjoy some solitude or together time with family or friends. Whether its because of your hole-in-one or your search for the last shanked ball, golfing offers a sense of camaraderie and social engagement, as the atmosphere at the course is always a welcoming one.

Community golf club members are motivated to contribute, get involved in club events and support club activities, as well as help promote the recreation venue to visitors and others they know. Long lasting friendships are created that extend well beyond the 9th hole, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie that can last a lifetime.

Embracing and engaging with the club’s culture and heritage fosters a strong sense of pride and belonging that result in cherishing club traditions and activity. These actions, in turn, pave the way for preservation, longevity and viability of Assiniboia’s community golf club.