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Photos: Estevan Wildlife Federation celebrates the best of the best

Dozens of skillful anglers, hunters and wildlife photographers were celebrated during the Estevan Wildlife Federation Awards Night.

ESTEVAN - Estevan Wildlife Federation hosted their awards banquet at the Estevan Exhibition Hall Saturday night.

Dozens of skillful anglers, hunters and wildlife photographers were celebrated during the ceremony.

President Wanda Michel opened the awards portion of the night with a moment of silence and kind words in memory of Melvin Wells and Keith Wakely, two long-term EWF members who passed away over the past year.

Michel also updated the guests on the EWF's recent projects and activities. The organization was privileged to take over the lease of the Rafferty Dam marina, and with the help of volunteers, put a lot of work into maintaining the lakeside and the road.

"It was a bit of a learning curve for us last year because we've never done it before. But we are slowly learning," Michel said. "We are so grateful for all of you that use that facility and donate to that facility because it's totally run on donations, nothing but donations."

"We do have a little work out there to do, but what was most important to us was to make sure you had a facility that you could go to that you didn't have to pay to get in. You can go out there to take pictures, you can go out there to fish, you can go out there to hike," Michel said. 

The EWF clubhouse was another project that saw some changes lately. Michel said they are finishing up the interior, and it is available for rentals.

"It is ready to go. It's a great facility out there, lots of room, lots of fun," Michel said.

The EWF is also calling for volunteers to come to help them build a fishing shack at Boundary Dam, and is planning on doing some renovations at the gun range.

The organization is going to have their youth conservation camp up and running again after two years of a hiatus. They are also collecting antlers as a fundraiser for the branch and for the habitat trust.

After introducing the EWF executives, Michel proceeded with the awards portion of the night, recognizing the best local hunters in different categories in birds and big game, as well as anglers and photographers.

In the junior birds’ category, Kade Skuce had the two biggest sharp-tail grouse (two pounds, three ounces and two pounds, one ounce). Kade Skuce (15.7 ounces) also claimed first place for Hungarian partridge; second place went to Katelyn Zukewich (15.4 ounces), and third was claimed by Keely Skuce (15.3 ounces). The first place in the mallard duck competition went to Kade Skuce (three pounds, two ounces), and so did the snow goose award (five pounds, six ounces). In the pheasant category, Sam Meek claimed all three spots (29 bars, tail length of 21 1/8" for a total of 50-1/8; 29 bars, tail length of 20 1/2" for a total of 49 1/2-1/2; and 28 bars, tail length of 18" for a total of 43).

In senior birds, Kyle Skuce (15.7 ounces) claimed first prize for Hungarian partridge, and Rick Rohatyn (13.4 ounces) came in second. Kyle Skuce (two pounds, one ounce) was also first in sharptail grouse, with Murray Mosley (one pound, 14 ounces) coming in second. Jarrad Skuce (one pound, eight ounces) was first in ruffed grouse. Ed Goodwin had the two biggest pheasants, sharing the first prize (42 bars, 22" tail length for a total of 64; and 44 bars, 20" tail length for a total of 64). Brock Davies came in second (39 bars, 22-1/2" tail length for a total of 61-1/2), and Ed Goodwin also took the third spot.

Murray Mosley had the first prize in a mallard duck (three pounds, six ounces) and Canada goose (12 pounds, 10 ounces); claimed all three positions for snow goose (six pounds and nine ounces, five pounds and 15.8 ounces, and five pounds, eight ounces); and two first prizes for white fronted goose (six pounds, one ounce, and five pounds, eight ounces).

In junior fish, Caleb Van De Woestyne had the biggest perch (10 ounces) and walleye (three pounds, nine ounces), and Logan Skuce had the biggest northern pike (8 pounds, 10 ounces).

In senior fish, Rohatyn (one pound, four ounces) took the first place for perch, Athena Hryhoriw (one pound, two ounces) came in second, and Murray Mosley (one pound, one ounce) was third. Joshua Michel had the two biggest largemouth bass (four pounds, seven ounces, and four pounds, three ounces). Murray Mosley received the award for biggest walleye (nine pounds, 11 ounces). Wanda Michel (17-pound, 15-ounce) claimed the first place for northern pike, and

Murray Mosley (14-pound, 5-ounce) came in second. Murray Mosley also weighed in the biggest tiger trout (one pound, six ounces), brook trout (one pound, nine ounces) and splake (one pound, three ounce).

In junior archery, Brayden Katsantonis won an award for typical mule deer (174 3/8) and also was named Junior Bowhunter of the Year (typical mule deer; aggregate score of 120.3).

In senior archery, Sheldon McNabb won an award for typical whitetail deer (152 5/8) and Brent Olfert took home the award for non-typical whitetail deer (203). McNabb (203 2/8) also claimed first place for non-typical mule deer, while Cameron Donovan (186 7/8) came in second.

McNabb was also named Bowhunter of the Year (non-typical mule deer and typical whitetail deer; aggregate score of 241.7).

In junior rifle, Zukewich (139) was first in typical whitetail deer, Prysm Gooding (136) came in second, and Ryder Dyer (125 2/8) was third. Krislyn Pylychaty took home awards for non-typical whitetail deer (161 1/8) and typical mule deer (135 6/8), and Kristen Carlson received an award in the antelope category (73).

In Ladies’ Rifle, Taylor Evans (136 6/8) was first in typical whitetail deer and Samantha Evans (110 1/8) came in second. McKenna Van De Woestyne (125 3/8) took home an award for non-typical whitetail deer; while Tammy Sernick (156 4/8) was first in typical mule deer, and Jamie Hansen (144 1/8) came in second.

In the antelope class, Carla Clark (74 4/8) came in first, Leanne Carlson (69 4/8) was second and McKenna Van De Woestyne (62 4/8) was third.

In men’s rifle, Joshua Michel (162 6/8) won an award for typical whitetail deer, while Davies (162 1/8) came in second, and Jay Curtis (155 5/8) was third. In non-typical whitetail deer, Cameron Donovan (166 7/8) was first, and Donovan Dyer (152 6/8) was second.

In typical mule deer, an award went to Ryan Hansen (178 6/8). Mike Halirewich (160 5/8) was second and Scott Meek (158 5/8) was third. Tim Katsantonis (225 3/8) claimed an accolade for non-typical mule deer, while Hunter Chipley (205 1/4) came in second. Halirewich (347 4/8) claimed the first spot for typical elk, Curtis McWilliams (332) was second, and Dustin Ng (316 5/8) came in third. Ken Veraeghe won an award for moose (132). Halirewich took home an accolade for black bear (20 4/16). Murray Mosley (73) claimed the first place for antelope, Lawrence Hansen (72 6/8) came in second and Jeff Mosley (72) was third.

In photography, Tegan Mosley was recognized in junior scenic class. Kody Campbell came in first in junior wildlife, and Lena Hayward was second. In senior scenic, Mary Jacobs came in first, Lynn Johnson was second and Melina Shepley was third. Melina Shipley also came in first in senior wildlife, while Jacobs claimed the second spot and Bryan Shepley came in third. Melina Shepley was recognized as Photographer of the Year.

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