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Photos: Lots of fish were caught at Rafferty Dam Walleye Tournament

Twenty-five teams were entered.

MIDALE - Anglers spent two days out on the water at Rafferty Dam May 27 and 28 for the Rafferty Dam Walleye Tournament.

A total of 25 two-person teams entered. They could weigh in up to five fish per day in the catch-and-release competition. The docks at Mainprize Regional Park near Midale served as the starting and weighing-in point.

The team of Cody and Richard Roland finished first with a two-day weight of 38.1 pounds. They sat sixth after the first round with a total of 17.26 pounds, but then had 20.84 pounds from their fish on the second day, highlighted by a seven-pound catch.

They finished nearly a pound ahead of Nate Smart and Kody Gallipeau, whose combined weight was 37.18 pounds. They had 18.92 pounds for the first day and 18.26 pounds on the second.

Lance Marcotte and Karen Soke sat third at 36.16 pounds, thanks to 18.84 pounds the first day and 17.32 pounds the third.

Paul Skoczylas and Rene Sehn were fourth at 34.82 pounds. They had a combined weight of 18.28 pounds the first day and 16.44 pounds the second.

Dallas and Aaron Toles were fifth at 34.74 pounds. They weighed in 15.54 pounds of fish the first day and 19.2 pounds the second.

Ralph Smart and Kevin Tannahill were sixth. They led after the first day with a haul of 20.24 pounds, and then caught 14.48 pounds of fish on the second to finish at 34.72 pounds.  

Jake Ziprick won the award for being the youngest entrant.

A roast beef supper was also served for participants.