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Silver Seals honour participants

Weyburn Silver Seals held their year-end awards on September 11.
Sloane Bedore won the Diane Hansen-Hood Award at the Weyburn Silver Seals year-end award ceremony on September 11.

Weyburn Silver Seals held their year-end awards on September 11. The following swimmers earned individual awards for their performances at swim meets:

High point winners: Emma Bitz, Rowan Tessier, Janelle Pouliot, Ruslan Edgerton, Caitlin Davis, Quinn Glaspey, Tristyn Lautner, Steven Speers, Breanne Walkeden, and Claudia Lenferna.

Overall high points - Claudia Lenferna.

Most improved swimmers: Khloe Bedore, Marissa Davis, Orrin Tessier, Dakota Bacon, Callahan Huebner, Paige Speers, and Jordan Huebner.

Dedication awards: Harps & Harbours - Caitlin Davis; Stellars - Marissa Davis; and Pups - McKinley Thomas-Perry.

Dianne Hansen-Hood Award: Sloane Bedore.

This year, the club also held an in-club competition. Swimmers earned points for their team based on attendance, participation and performance at both practices and swim meets.

Seals Cup winning team members: Breanne Walkeden, Callahan Huebner, Karly Moser, Caitlin Davis, Olivia Bocian, Janelle Poiuliot, Vlad Dendasyuk, Emma Wiens, Chaylene Lascelle, Zoe Thompson, Alleyna Unrau, Sloane Bedore, McKinley Thomas-Perry, Zachary Olson, Tre Thompson, and Katelyn Thackeray.