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'Stars on Ice' carnival in Assiniboia Civic Centre

The children were excited to perform live for their family, friends, and many more who came out to enjoy the event.

ASSINIBOIA -  The Assiniboia Civic Centre, built in 1956, witnessed its final Ice Carnival, “Stars on Ice”, on February 18. The rink came alive with cheering, music, and light, as the carnival which has been held for several decades had missed two seasons due to government restrictions. This absence made the last celebration that much sweeter. The children were excited to perform live for their family, friends, and many more who came out to enjoy the event.

“We had a good turnout, and our fundraising raffle went really well,” said Pam Engstrom, president of the Assiniboia Skating Club.

The coaches included head coach Tasha Hoff, Michelle Marcenko and Kimber Baber who teach Star Skating, and Tasha Hoff and Justine Bamford who teach Can Skating.

The Assiniboia Skating Club provides instruction in the Skate Canada program. They have stringent standards that each skater must reach before they can pass their level. Initial skaters in the CanSkate program progress though six levels.

The coaches test them and if they qualify, they are moved up to the next level. The StarSkate program also has six levels and focuses on elements such as dances, jumps, and spins. They learn to perform a dance to preset music and possibly to skate with a partner as well.

CanSkate accelerates learning in all ice sports, including hockey, giving the players that extra edge they need for the game.

Congratulations to the award winners for the 2021/2022 season. Kaelyn Gould won the award for CanSkater of the year. She is 11 years old and has been skating for two years. Hailey Anderson won StarSkater of the year. She is 10 years old and has been skating for six years.

The Barb Peterson Memorial Award was earned by Samantha Engstrom. She is 15 years old and has been skating for 11 years. Well done, Kaelyn, Hailey, and Samantha! You carry the distinction of winning the final figure skating awards in an icon of community history.

“Stars on Ice” welcomed guest skater, Mitike Cridland. She is a member of the provincial competitive skating team and skates with the Moose Jaw skating club. She trained at the Center of Excellence with Skate Regina and competes at a Pre-Novice competitive level, finishing fifth in the province. 

With the coaches in place for a new season, and many Star Skaters in the program, the Assiniboia Skating Club is in a healthy position to move into their new environment in the Southland Co-op Centre.

“We have several coaches and we are ready for a lot more CanSkate skaters. We are hoping that many more will register when we are in the new Southland Co-op Center,” said Engstrom. “We will be able to accommodate a lot of people.”
Over 40 years of memories will stay with family members and friends who have gathered to watch their children show off their skills on skates.

A new generation of ice dancers will practice and polish their performances in the Southland Co-op Centre, and put their trophies on display there, but they could never make their parents any prouder than they already have in the Assiniboia Civic Centre.