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Stoughton Central School holds cross-country fun run

Over 80 students took part in the fun run, and most came in their school colours.
Students from nine schools, including the Stoughton Central School, enjoyed a recent cross-country meet.

STOUGHTON - The Stoughton Golf Course generously offered its facilities Sept. 28 for the Stoughton Central School’s cross-country fun run.

Teacher Dereck Mercer organized the event, which attracted nine schools including Stoughton from the southeast.

With the sun shining and temperatures above 20 C, the kids took to the course.

Mercer staked out the entire course, placing orange flags in the grass for the students to follow. They had two courses, one was a two-kilometre run and the other was three kilometres. For those taking part in the four-kilometre distance, they just ran the smaller course twice.

Over 80 students took part in the fun run, and most came in their school colours.

Placings were given for first, second and third in each age group, ranging from Grade 4 right up to senior boys and girls.

These kids were dressed to run and enjoyed the competitive event.

Volunteers were positioned around the course on golf carts, making sure no issues arose and the students stayed safe.

The parking lot was filled with vehicles. People pulled in just to see what the commotion was all about and even asked if a supper were to follow so they could join as they were former residents of Stoughton.

Many parents and friends came to the gathering to cheer on their students and have a social.

Events like this are possible with all the volunteers, and the Stoughton Central School is grateful to have so much help.

From handing out ribbons, providing drinks and oranges, to helping the kids, volunteers are what make these events successful and possible.

The eager students could be seen chatting and laughing, not only in their own groups but with other schools, as they waited their turn to run the race.

These events are held throughout the southeast and invitations are sent to all schools and those wanting to participate can.

Several groups ran at the same time for this event which took approximately two hours.

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