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Stoughton curling season ends with a glow

Bonspiel was a fun event for curlers.
Curling rocks Getty
The season has wrapped up at the Stoughton Curling Club.

STOUGHTON - The Stoughton curling season has come to an end, and they finished with a mixed glow-in-the-dark bonspiel hosted by Crossroads Inn and Grill.

Twelve teams had entered the fun bonspiel on March 11, but due to the blizzard only eight teams were able to attend, as they were all in the Stoughton area.

According to Jennifer Hogg, the lighting created a lot of fun and competition.

The special paint used is placed when the ice surface is being made and lit up with black lights.

During the week, the junior curlers wrapped up their season with the glow-in-the-dark as well and the Stoughton Central School also came out to try their hand at the curling.

Crossroads Inn sponsored several helmets for the kids to use. Grade 2 all the way to grade 12 came out to play the game and  have some fun for two days. Each grade had the chance to play several games before heading back to school.

Hogg is hoping with the school coming out, that it might spark some interest in the students to join the junior league in the fall.

“It has been a great season,” said Hogg, who entered a team into the March 11 bonspiel.

Her team did well, and it ended up that Hogg’s team, which was with Karla Gervais, Rhonda Sangster and Lea Hemphill, played off against their husbands Jeremy Hogg, Matt Sangster, Dave Hemphill and Brad Gervais.

Although it was an excellent game, the husbands would take the win in the end. The highest-point team and the lowest-point team would receive prizes.

Once everyone had completed their games, they headed off to the Crossroads Inn for a steak dinner.

Jennifer Hogg hopes to see everyone back next year, with the regular faces and hopefully some new ones, to come out and enjoy the game of curling.