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Stoughton funspiel a great time for curlers

Annual year-end event for curling rink
Stoughton Curling Funspiel 2022
The Stoughton Curing Club was the place to be March 12 for a fun day of curling.

STOUGHTON - A lot of cheers and laughter could be heard when entering the Stoughton Curling Club on March 12, as the annual funspeil took place.

This end of season event has been sponsored by the Crossroads Bar and Grill for approximately 12 years, with the team entry fee including a delicious steak dinner after the event at the Crossroads Inn.

Six eager teams entered the funspeil, consisting of both men and women. Although it was to be a fun day, they still offered prizes for the best and the worst teams.

Some teams came all prepared for St. Patrick’s Day, wearing green in honour of the day. After several rounds of curling, they had a break to enjoy a luncheon provided by the Stoughton Curling Club, and then carried on with more curling and laughs till supper time.

Curling seems to be a very popular sport in this area and it’s a great way to pass the winter months, and Stoughton is no exception. This club has been active for over 40 years, offering curling to a wide range of ages for the young and old.

Their open league is usually held on Wednesday nights at the rink, which is located by the arena and pool, with lessons on Mondays. They also have a group of approximately 25-30 young people partaking in the sport.

Although the season is wrapped up, they will take up curling once again in the fall, to have some more fun and enjoy the sport that offers great socializing and competitiveness.