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The Himmelspachs are a sports-minded family

Hockey and baseball are a big part of their lives
Himmelspachs family
Patricia, Chase, Mitch, and Kirk Himmelspach at the Carlyle Sports Arena.

CARLYLE - It is Carlyle Minor Hockey Day on Jan. 22, and it was fitting to catch up with the Himmelspach family for an interview.  

Both Kirk and Patricia’s sons, Mitch and Chase, have skated since they were two years old and play on Carlyle Minor Hockey teams. Their grandparents are Aileen and Darcy Himmelspach and Kathy and Kalvin Nankivell. 

Kirk and Patricia moved to Carlyle in 2001 and have lived at the same residence at Manor Bay since 2004. Kirk is employed as an assistant manager with Girard Bulk Sales in Estevan, while Patricia has worked at Michael’s Coffee Shop and Bakery since 2014. 

Both Himmelspach children are gifted hockey players. Sixteen-year-old Mitch is a right-shooting centre and plays on Carlyle’s U18 team, coached by Jamie Barnett. They are in a 12-team league and play against teams as far away as Radville. They presently sport a 6-5 record. The U18 team has entered “C” division provincials and have a first round bye. They will be playing Davidson in the second round and have picked up three additional players from Lampman.  

Chase, 14, plays right wing and also shoots right. This year his linemates are Jaden Fischer and Tucker Wyatt. His dad is the head coach, Danny Kachur and Jason Dixon are his father’s assistants. The team is presently undefeated in an 11-team league at 10-0. This year, the U15 team also won both tournaments that they entered, in Estevan and Whitewood.  

They are also playing “C” Division Provincials and play Cupar in round one. Their first game in this two-game, total-point series is Feb. 12 in Carlyle.  

Both boys love the sport of hockey and the thrill of competing, together with forming incredible and long lasting friendships. Both did confide, however, that their favourite sport is baseball.  

The Himmelspachs will be playing Triple A minor ball in 2022. Mitch is the shortstop for the Southeast Twins U18 team out of Estevan, and Chase plays both second base and the outfield for the Alameda A’s U15s.  

Kirk and Patricia have hauled their boys all over the country and their farthest trip was in 2017 to a summer hockey tournament for Chase in Whistler, B.C. Said Kirk, “Sports are and will continue to be a huge part of our family.”  

Added Patricia, “Sports have taken us on vacations and cities where we would have never been to. We’ve seen a lot of Canada and look forward to 2022.” 

For Carlyle Minor Hockey Day, games are scheduled all day long. If you want to see some great hockey action, pop over to the Carlyle Sports Arena.