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Wawota Skating Club presents annual ice show

Skaters put on a great show
Wawota Ice Show
Skating to Get the Party Started by Pink was the group consisting of Chesney Murray, Hailey Prince, Willow Byrne, Avery Wilson, Xyvrill Garidan, Bailee Dane, Kiesha Nelson and Falyn Brown.

WAWOTA - The Wawota Skating Club presented their annual ice carnival Legends, Divas & Superstars in the evening of March 5.

The club boasts 38 members, 13 in StarSkate and 25 in CanSkate, coached by Leanne Sorenson.

The evening began with the singing of Oh Canada by Jaime Finlay.

Flag Carriers on the ice were Kensley Cheveldae, Emersen Mckennitt, Kate Lobert, Tessa Brehaut, Hunter Lobert and Samuel Brehaut.

The group of Falyn Brown, Bailee Dane, Chesney Murray, Keisha Nelson, Xyvrill Nelson, Willow Byrne, Hailey Prince and Avery Wilson knew how to get the party started, as that was the song they skated to in the opening performance of the ice show.

Tiny Dancer was the chosen music for the group of Hadley Restau, Theoren Murray, Madeleine Weatherald, Carlee Davis and Ripley Fowler.

Performing their routine to Michael Jackson’s Black or White was Everley Cheveldae, Elijah Nelson and Taliegha Devins.

Many of the skating stars showcased their talents during solo performances in the first half of the show. Kensley Cheveldae performed her routine to If Only, Tessa Brehaut skated to Shakin, Kat Lobert chose Mary Did You Know, Emersen Mckennitt performed to Into the Unknown, Chesney Murray skated to Standing Outside the Fire and Bailee Dane performed her routine to Coulda Been Me.

Following a brief intermission the second half of the show opened up with Josh Knelson, Kasen Day, Autumn Ford, Flynn Frederickson and Jericho Ethier skating a routine to Glory Days.

Any Man of Mine was the song choice for the group of Clara Brehaut, Emery Ford, Aliyah Coffey and Aurora Ethier.

The duo of Xyvrill Nelson and Keisha Nelson displayed their skating skills to Loyal Brave True.

Tessa Brehaut, Emersen Mckennitt, Kensley Cheveldae and Kate Lobert dazzled the crowd by performing their routine to Higher Love.

The last performance of the evening included Sanneyah Barnachea, Jordi Finlay, Ashlyn Coffey, Brynlee Mckennitt, Paislee Mckennitt and Emma Yanyu, skating to Born This Way.

Performing solo routines in the second half of the show included Avery Wilson skating to Unstoppable,

Willow Byrne performing to Burning House, Hailey Prince skating to Wheat Kings and Falyn Brown skating to Kiss by a Rose.

The show finished with all skaters taking the ice for the grand finale, followed by presentations.


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