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Weyburn Comp athletes place at district track meet

The top athletes will move on to the provincial track meet

WEYBURN – Athletes from the Weyburn Comprehensive School placed well with some records set at the district track meet held on Wednesday for all southeast area high schools.

For intermediate boys, Cris Shipley came in second in the 200m race, and Chace Kradovill placed second in shot put.

For the intermediate girls, Amryn King was first in the 100m and 200m races and was first in long jump and triple jump. Meaghan Weger came in third in the 200m race and first in the 400m race.

In junior boys events, Noah Kopec was first in 100m and 200m races, and was second in long jump.

Conner Kerr won first in 100m hurdles, and came second in 400m, discus and triple jump.

Emerson Jack won first in the 1500m race with Calder McMillan in second, and McMillan placed first in the 3000 m race. Josh Wiens placed third in both the 3000m race and the 800m races.

For junior girls, Autumn Vilcu was first in the 1500m and 800m races and second in the 400m race. Sela Flavel won first in the high jump and third in the long jump, while Kaitlyn Wallin won first in the javelin and shot put events.

In senior boys events, Dennis Linnen won first in 100m and 200m races and in long jump. Jyler Goebel won second in 100m hurdles and first in the 3000m race.

For senior girls, Emma Zieglgansberger placed second in the 1500m and 3000m races. Jamie Labbie won first in 80m hurdles and in long jump, and was second in triple jump, with Denae King placing third, along with first place for shot put.

Weyburn had one athlete in the senior boys quadathlon, Tensie Iida, who ended up fifth overall. He placed third in long jump, fourth in shot put, and fifth in the 100m and 800m races.

In the listing of aggregate points of athletes, the top 10 point-getters for intermediate boys included Brighton Coderre of Stoughton in sixth place with 25 points, and Chace Kradovill in eighth with 16 points.

For intermediate girls, in the top 10 are Amryn King in first with 40 points; Anna Knapp of Fillmore with 26 points; Meaghan Weger of Weyburn in sixth with 20 points; and Jayda Tessier of Gladmar with 14 points.

The top 10 junior boys includes Conner Kerr of Weyburn in first with 34 points; Noah Kopec of Weyburn in second with 28 points; and Calder McMillan of Weyburn in 10th spot with 18 points.

The junior girls top 10 includes Autumn Vilcu of Weyburn in first with 28 points; Faith Mackenzie of Yellow Grass with 26 points; Lexi Harvey of Midale in fifth place with 24 points; Kaitlyn Wallin of Weyburn was sixth with 20 points; and Sela Flavel of Weyburn in eighth place with 16 points.

For senior boys, the top 10 includes Dennis Linnen of Weyburn in first with 30 points; Jyler Goebel in third with 25 points; and Jaxon Tanner of Stoughton in sixth with 20 points.

For the senior girls, the top 10 includes Yveian Orpiano of Stoughton with 38 points; Jamie Labbie of Weyburn in third with 28 points; Emma Zieglgansberger of Weyburn in ninth with 16 points, and Denae King of Weyburn in 10th spot with 16 points.

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