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Weyburn powerlifter sets nat’l records, coach in Hall of Fame

Coach Ryan Fowler inducted to CPU Hall of Fame, given award

WEYBURN – Weyburn powerlifting coach Ryan Fowler received the Bill Jamison Award as he was inducted into the Canadian Powerlifting Union’s Hall of Fame over the weekend, while powerlifter Marnel Spencer set some new national records.

Fowler was in St. John’s, Newfoundland, for the Canadian Nationals in powerlifting, and was presented with the Jamison award at the nationals banquet and awards night.

This award is the highest award that a member of the CPU can receive as a builder in the sport, and showing dedication and perseverance in the sport.

Bill Jamison attended the World Powerlifting Championships from 1974 to 2016, and organized countless local, provincial, national and international competitions.

He trained many powerlifting champions over four decades, and founded the Ontario Powerlifting Association and the Canadian Powerlifting Union, as well as being a founding member of the International Powerlifting Federation.

Meantime, at the Canadian Nationals, Weyburn lifter Marnel Spencer set some national records and an unofficial world record.

She lifted in the M3 102-lb. category, and achieved a National record in all three lifts and also a National total record.

“On my second squat, I obtained an unofficial world record of 256 pounds. I feel extremely fortunate to be invited to represent Team Canada at the World Powerlifting competition in Newfoundland in October to hopefully make this an official World record,” said Spencer.