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Weyburn to host motocross races on May 26

The Weyburn Motocross Association will host their first race of the season on Sunday, May 26, with a practice day on Saturday, May 25.

WEYBURN – The Weyburn Motocross Association will host their first race of the season on Sunday, May 26.

A practice day has been set for Saturday, May 25. A work bee to prepare for the race week will be held on Monday, May 20.

Many motocross racers recently took part in a race held in Saskatoon on May 5. In the 50cc, ages four to six category, Max Morrice placed second. In the 50cc, ages seven to eight category, Rhett Betham finished seventh.

In the 55cc open, Mak Riege of Fillmore took fourth, Max Morrice placed seventh and Rhett Betham finished 10th.

In the 85cc, ages seven to 11 category, Roman Quigley of Yellow Grass placed eighth. In the 85cc, ages 12 to 16, Taysen Riege of Fillmore placed eighth.

In the supermini, Roman Quigley took ninth, Mya Bendickson of Gladmar finished 10th, and Taysen Riege placed 15th.

In the ladies A category, Lauren Puhlmann of Gladmar took first, and Mya Bendickson finished sixth. In the MX1 Junior, Tucker Wyatt of Carlyle won third.

In the MX2 Junior, Nathan Bendickson of Gladmar took third, Tucker Wyatt finished sixth, Lauren Puhlmann of Gladmar took 11th and Logan Puhlmann of Gladmar took 13th. In the MX3 Junior, Nathan Bendickson placed fourth, Tucker Wyatt won sixth, Lauren Puhlmann finished eighth and Logan Puhlmann took 13th.

In the MX2 intermediate, Marcus Quigley of Yellow Grass won fourth, and Kent Shumlich took fifth. In the MX3 intermediate, Kent Shumlich won third and Marcus Quigley took fourth. In the Pro Am open, Trey Griffin placed first, Connor Bendickson took fourth, Dylan Honig won eighth and Marcus Quigley finished 10th.

In the MX3 Pro, Trey Griffin won second, Connor Bendickson took fifth and Dylan Honig won eighth.