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Hold on there, winter weights are postponed

It’s mid-November, so you can load that semi trailer right up, right? Wrong.
Winter weights are not yet in effect for Saskatchewan, as it’s been too warm for the roads to sufficiently freeze. File photo by Brian Zinchuk, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

It’s mid-November, so you can load that semi trailer right up, right? Wrong.

Due to milder weather this November, winter weight season is being postponed on all relevant secondary highways, the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure said in a release on Thursday. Typically, winter weights begin on Nov. 16 each year and run through March 14. 

“When weather remains milder, the program is postponed,” Highways Minister Joe Hargrave said. “Without sufficient freezing, extra weight can damage pavement and the road beneath, which can be costly and potentially dangerous.”

Colder temperatures during the winter months help freeze and strengthen roads. As a result, more weight can be transported on provincial highways without damaging the road. 

Shippers using secondary weight highways benefit the most because this allows efficient movement from secondary to primary weight highways. This is a significant benefit to the trucking community because it can result in fewer trips and cost savings for truckers.

Municipal roads are the responsibility of each rural municipality, who set out their own weight limits.

To find out when winter weights are implemented, commercial truckers and shippers are encouraged to check the status regularly on the provincial government’s website.