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Canadian deserve responsible leadership

Weyburn Review editorial

The federal Liberals under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seem to have a hard time taking responsibility or showing accountability for their actions.

A prime example of this is the confusion that has arisen in regard to COVID vaccines, with mixed messages coming down about what is or is not safe.

The Liberals were the originators of the mantra for Canadians to “accept the first vaccine offered to you”, repeated blindly by other leaders and public health officials.

Then we’ve started to hear that while you will probably be safe taking the AstraZeneca vaccine, it is worth the wait to get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines — not quite the same as “take the first jab offered to you”.

To further muddy the waters, there are even hints that those who did get their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine may have to get one of the other vaccines for their second dose.

This is not a recommended practice, either by the vaccine makers or by health officials, but due to the incompetence of the Liberals to secure an adequate supply of vaccines for Canadians, those who did get this shot may be forced to get another kind.

It is almost a weekly practice to hear that any given shipment of vaccines bound for Canada is being cut by a significant amount, and thus this country continues to lag behind many other countries in getting our citizens vaccinated in a bid to get through this pandemic.

Aside from the issue of vaccines, the Liberals also seem to have a lack of accountability in many other areas, such as when it comes to sexual misconduct in the Canadian military.

Since there are questions about Trudeau’s chief of staff apparently knowing about misconduct by General Jonathan Vance, back as far as 2018, this is an issue that needs to be cleared up and dealt with. Sexual misconduct is a big problem in the Armed Forces, and it needs to stop — but how can it be dealt with when those in charge are covering things up?

When the Conservatives wanted to investigate this further in committee, the Liberals just summarily shut it down and are closing ranks, which they did before when the WE charity scandal arose.

As the administration of the federal government, the Liberals are supposed to be leading by example, open to scrutiny and showing us what true accountability is, not shutting down all discussion or investigation into matters that the citizens of Canada have a right to know about.

It’s bad enough that Trudeau has never been held responsible for his many mistakes, including the WE scandal, but he is continuing to show a complete lack of responsibility, and this not the mark of a true leader.