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Column: Are you a Scrooge or jingle bells?

An opinion piece on the upcoming Christmas season.
Christmas is coming quickly.

Christmas is exactly one month away, and I am excited. 

But would you be described as Scrooge or a jingle bells at this time of year? It is only once a year. 

My Dad was somewhat of a Scrooge at Christmas. He did not like the hustle and bustle of the crowds, he did not like gift shopping and did not like the fuss over the Christmas meal.  

My mom, on the other hand, loved Christmas. She got right into the spirit of it all. She made us personal gifts, took us to the candlelight church service, made a special meal and did all the shopping. After all, dad was not going to. 

I worked in retail for many years, and in those many years have met a lot of scrooges, so I made it my mission to make those people smile a little more in the season. 

Christmas is my favourite holiday and I do not allow anyone to ruin that for me. 

The tree is decorated on Dec. 1, Christmas baking is well underway, and so is shopping, but then I do not mind the crowds. When it is busy, I do not leave it to the last minute, because it is that time of year. 

So why be a Scrooge? Why do you walk through the stores with that grumpy look, when it is only once a year? Are you this way with any kind of holiday? 

My husband does not mind Christmas, although he feels it should be like a leap year. He says it would make the holiday better, right? 

Most years, when our kids were younger, I did all the shopping, but now my husband does his own, as he is more into the Christmas spirit. I must have rubbed off on him, after all these years. 

I put a lot of thought into the holiday season. Gifts are all wrapped the same, so no one knows what they are getting. I have also put a brick in a box with a gift card taped to it, so my son would not know what he was getting. 

We have to make things fun and entertaining, as it goes by so fast, and that is what I do. 

Life is tough at times, so why be a scrooge when you can make someone laugh? Lighten up. 

Christmas can be difficult for those who have lost loved ones. I have, but I chose to remember the fun times with that person, although I miss her dearly. 

Every time I see an elderly woman in a store, I have to chat with them, make them smile and offer them a hand. It makes me feel good and they love the attention, and it is something my mom would do. 

We do not know what battles others are facing, but we can make their day a little brighter with a smile and kind words to make their day more bearable. 

Oh, and the cashier, they cannot help that the item you are looking for is sold out the week before Christmas. They did not place the orders. They also have to put up with all the Scrooges, so give them a break. 

Or buy from a local crafter. Their stock is not stuck on a container ship, as they are usually handmade. 

So, this year do not be a Scrooge, be a jingle bells. 

But then, this is just my opinion. 


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