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Column: Be a Tourist, explore the riches of Weyburn

The “Be a Tourist” campaign gives an opportunity to local residents to explore the many different attractions that exist in Weyburn.
Museum tour-6446
Soo Line Museum staff member Lauren McKinney, at right, gave a historical overview of the Charlie Wilson Silver Collection to Lieutenant Governor Russ Mirasty and his wife Donna, during a tour of the museum.

WEYBURN - For the fifth summer in a row, Weyburn Tourism launched the “Be A Tourist in your own Hometown” campaign. This year there is a special focus to the campaign, which will run until Sept. 5, and they are encouraging Weyburn residents to #ExploreWeyburn, bingo-style.

Considering the fact that gas prices are so high right now, the “Be a Tourist” campaign gives an opportunity to local residents to explore the many different attractions that exist in Weyburn.

The beautiful and newly created Weyburn Art Gallery is one of these locations. This new art gallery can feature many different exhibits at one time, and is located in the Credit Union Spark Centre.

Exhibitions features works from around Saskatchewan, nationally known artists, and the incredible works of local artists. The great thing is that there is no charge to just go to the Weyburn Art Gallery, and explore the art exhibitions on display.

For those who want to explore the history of Weyburn, and maybe get a few steps in during a walk, the Crocus Tour was updated in 2020 and is now completely digital. Interested residents can download the Tripvia Tours App, and then walk, bike, run or drive the five kilometre Crocus Tour, that journeys past landmarks and homes of renowned Weyburn residents. There are 17 points of interest along the Crocus Tour, that are all featured in an audio tour.

The best treasure of the city is the Soo Line Historical Museum, featuring the Charlie Wilson Silver Collection, which is the World’s Largest Collection, and other historical artifacts and moments of Weyburn. The summer is the best time to explore the Soo Line Museum, as there are more available dates to the public.

Speaking of special one-of-a-kind places, Weyburn also hosts the “first in the world” Turner Curling Museum, which features many rare historical curling pieces and one of the largest collections of curling pins. The best thing is that there are virtual tours available of the Turner Curling Museum.

There is also the Walk of Fame located right in front of Weyburn City Hall, which honours local individuals for outstanding athletic, cultural, academic or humanitarian achievements. There are many incredible people honoured along the Walk of Fame.

Of course, one cannot forget to mention the Weyburn Heritage Village, which is only open during the summer time. Heritage Village is a replica of homes and buildings from the turn of the century up to the 1940s. Artifacts from the early years from Weyburn make up a collection that take people back into time.

Let’s not forget the amazing Tatagwa Trails, or the beauty and wonder of the River Park, Jubilee Park and Don Mitchell Park.

There is so much to explore about Weyburn, that the ‘Be a Tourist’ campaign is a great way to promote all the wonderful things in our own community.