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Column: We won't be bored while playing board games

An opinion piece on the joys of playing board and card games as a family.
hex board game
Board games can be a lot of fun.

Are board games still popular with families or is it all electronic or computer games today?

I have one game on my phone, and I rarely play it, but we do have a shelf full of board and card games that get used regularly.

As a kid growing up, while my dad went to the living room to watch television, mom and I would sit at the kitchen table and play games, especially Scrabble as it was my mom’s favourite game to play.

If there was a snowstorm, often Monopoly would come out, as it was a great way to fill an afternoon.

These are such great memories. It was not about just playing a game, but the social element that went along with it. I can still hear the laughter from those days.

When my kids grew old enough to play games, one was always under the Christmas tree, and in the afternoon on Christmas day, that was the game we played as a family.

As our kids grew older, out came the Monopoly board and it was played while the turkey cooked. Monopoly is over 100 years old and one of the most played board games in the world.

We have the NHL version, and it was so much fun to be able to buy the teams we cheered for, and the others having to buy the Edmonton Oilers. There are many versions of this game, including one that is all about horses, and there is a Saskatchewan version.

We, as a family still play card games. In fact we play UNO almost every day.

When my husband gets home from work and supper is cooking, we play three or four games. We mark the wins on the calendar and whoever reaches wins games first is the king or queen.

Let me tell you, if I win and become queen, I get my crown, do the professional wrestler Charlotte Flair routine and we all have a good laugh, as they know I won’t be wearing that crown for long.

Often my daughter and I will get out the Yahtzee dice after supper, while hubby watches his nuts and bolts shows on TV.

My husband and I enjoy a good game of euchre, but no one around here seemed to know about this game.

Finally, a couple moved to Forget, and they knew the game well. It is much better to sit and have a good card game while having a wonderful social.

Not only are games enjoyable but I believe it teaches kids social skills. Scrabble teaches spelling, while Yahtzee teaches math, which also teaches our youngsters the value in patience and fair play.

Did you know that Uno is the number one game played in Saskatchewan?

Many of these old-time games were discovered in Canada, such as crokinole. It has been round since the 1800s.

Chess is sold the most around the world, and makes a person calculate their next move. My son and I took weeks to play one game, and it was so challenging.

In the summer we will set up the croquet game and make extra loops. They go through our whole yard, using shovels as deflectors and tables as bridges. It is not a good idea to play this when one has puppies in the yard.

Winter is a time for games using the pool table, and the cues get dusted off. Whoever wins the best-of-five games is the champion. Charlotte Flair may appear if I win, with my crown dusted off.

Playing card or board games is such a great way to spend time with family, and us older folks love it.

So, dust off those board games, lay down that phone and spend time with your kids or parents and play a simple game of Uno. I am sure that will be remembered a lot longer than the game on your phone.




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