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Double standards

Double standards. Most people are fine with normal conversation but if you bring up this little gem suddenly they really don't want to talk much . . . in fact English is no longer their first language and you're not coming in very clearly . . .

Double standards. Most people are fine with normal conversation but if you bring up this little gem suddenly they really don't want to talk much . . . in fact English is no longer their first language and you're not coming in very clearly . . . lots of interference, what's your name again? Double standards are everywhere, people contradict themselves constantly but no one wants to admit that they have double standards.

My first example of a double standard is when companies advertise that they are looking for self-motivated, self-learning, self-help, multi-tasking individuals with a variety of impossibly complex skills to move yourself forward when the company subjects you to endless torture but then, when you go to an interview and tell them you are taking classes in college or university or even on line to improve your skills as a human being they ask, skeptical, "Well how will that effect your work ethic and your commitment to our company?" Really? You advertise how you are looking for self-improving, self-everything employees but then when you meet one you turn around and start questioning how it is going to affect your business quality? Double standard.

Freedom of speech is also a double standard in some sense if you think about it. For example, when a Christian speaks out about their love for God they are considered in society as healthy and passionate individuals but if an atheist were to speak out about their opinion of such things they are considered mislead and confused individuals. Just because someone's opinion does not seem fit into mainstream society does not mean people can sit here and say that everyone deserves the right to voice their opinion then turn around and label someone as unfit to society as soon as their opinion offends someone, I'm sorry but that is not freedom of speech that is "freedom of speech unless you say something to offend someone then clearly your opinion is wrong" Double standard.

Another double standard that bugs me is what some women believe when it comes to relationships. Some women say that they want to be treated the same way as men and how they want to be equal partners in their relationships making equal decisions with the money but then these same women turn around and say they want to find a man to support them, buy them things and pay for everything. The want to find prince charming who will do anything for them whether it be paying the bills or letting them stay home and basically supporting them in general. Sorry ladies, but that is not being equal at all. A relationship should be a 50/50 deal you should be helping with the bills, too. There are women like me who go out and work our butts off to pay bills. If you expect your man to buy you things and pay for everything, yet you still believe you should get equal say about the money then you need to get your priorities in check (And maybe get a job). Either you want special treatment or you want to be treated as an equal. Pick one, honey.

Another example of a double standard that frustrates me a lot is when a woman goes on about women's rights and how women should be able to do all the things men do in the workforce but then they try to change the rules. Now before you all start saying that I am contradicting myself here let me just explain that I understand I wrote an article a few weeks ago about being a woman in a man's world and how it frustrated me when people didn't think I could succeed at my home construction job but let me just clarify that no rules were changed for me. I am all about women's rights until a double standard like this is brought up. For example firefighting. Firefighters have to do a physical assessment test before they can in fact be a firefighter. These women believe that they should create a different physical assessment test strictly for women. Excuse me? You want to be equal to men in every sense of the word, yet you want to change the physical assessment test just because you are a woman?? I'm sorry, but if I was in a burning building I would want to be damn sure that the person coming into rescue me can in fact rescue me. That, that person did the same test as everyone else making them just as qualified to save my life, not less qualified. So these "Feminists" talk about a "Female Firefighter Test" What is next? A special "Women's Bachelor Degree" or a "Female Driving Test"? Implying that women can't succeed on an equal playing field demeans the entire women's movement, not to mention the concept of feminism in general. Women who demand equality should be willing to accept what that really means.

A double standard is a double standard, even if the outcome favors you. Just like sexism is sexism, even though women may benefit and discrimination is discrimination if it makes any concessions due to gender, race, or sexual preference, it is still discrimination no matter what the results are. Think before you speak and act. That's my opinion.

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