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Embarking on life’s big journey

My Nikkel’s Worth column

This weekend will have important occasions that will be a very big deal to a lot of people.

The 2021 Grad for the Weyburn Comp School will be held on Saturday, June 19, and Father’s Day is on Sunday. There are other events as well (such as a wedding of a special young lady I know), but these are the top-of-mind ones.

I have mixed feelings about the grad plans, but as I no longer have any children in school, my opinion probably doesn’t matter much.

Even without any children graduating, I still feel for the grads of this class, the second year in a row where students are robbed in the name of “public health guidelines”.

The world is loosening up because it’s safe to do so, but the Class of 2021 still will have part of their special day stolen from them with virtual ceremonies.

The parents grad committee is going to do their best to make up for this situation by planning some cool events, like a parade, Grand March at the fair grounds, and fireworks.

Last year’s grad was assisted with the reverse parade, which I thought went off really well, so there are hopes that this year’s event will also be really special for the young men and women who are celebrating the end of their secondary education and entry into adulthood.

This is a special time when the students make that big transition, and think about where they want to go for post-secondary education, what careers or relationships they want to develop, or failing that, deciding to go out into the world to explore and see what answers they can find.

I know for many young people, they head off to school or to work after high school not really knowing what they want to do with their lives – and really, that’s fine. Sometimes finding one’s passion takes time to discover or grow into.

Now, part of being a dad means helping one’s son or daughter find their way, or just being there to talk or listen as they go out into the world. At times, it’s exciting to see what direction they take, and other times there’s a lot of uncertainty.

In any event, it’s all part of the journey of life, and as a dad, you hope that your children at least have the tools and talents to make the discoveries on their own. Not every grad is going to know what they’re going to do with their lives, but there is excitement in the journey too.