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From Where I Stand: The sky's the limit

Creation works in marvellous ways we don't always fully understand.

ASSINIBOIA — Winn Collier, a contemporary writer, documents the amazing story of a farmer from India and his 40-year struggle to restore and bring back to life a river island he dearly loved. Over time, erosion and the ever-changing ecosystems of the region had turned the land into a dry, parched, desolate and sandy wasteland. Undeterred, the tenacious young farmer began his lifelong crusade of renewal and restoration by planting one bamboo tree at a time. When he had finished, he planted cotton. Finally, after decades of dedication and a lifetime of hard work, 1,300 acres of vegetation and lush green forest flourish on this small island paradise. And once again, an abundance of creatures and critters call it home.

Humbly, the farmer insists that he alone is not solely responsible for the island's amazing transformation and restoration. He is quick to credit Mother Earth and the way the natural world works together in harmony and union with those who are her faithful and caring friends. He marvels also at how seeds are miraculously carried by the wind, animals and birds to grow and flourish in fertile soil nourished by its nearby rivers and streams.

This hard-working, dedicated and determined farmer believed that he could make a difference and a valuable contribution to the world into which he was born. And he was right. He continued for nearly 40 years. He didn't give up. He wasn't discouraged or deterred by the fact that he was only one single, solitary man. He was on a mission. He did his part, working tirelessly to change the land he dearly loved and called home. He partnered with Mother Nature, and together they triumphed.

We often feel helpless, alone and defeated, thinking that nothing we can do will ever make a real difference in the world. But that is absolutely not true. That's a lie right out of the pit of darkness, designed to render us helpless and without hope. Do not be deceived. Reject the lie!

Here's the thing. Creation works in marvellous ways we don't always fully understand. What should be easy to understand is that if we — as mere human beings — take care of Mother Earth, she will in return take care of us. It sounds simple, right? But some of us here on earth just don't get it. Mother Nature will do her part if we do ours. We must plant seeds to grow grasslands and gardens, and plant trees to restore forests and the delicate balance of nature that we have destroyed. We need to become more like the old farmer from India. Though he stood alone, he made a difference in his world. Would to God there were more of us like him. One person can make a difference. He proved that — beyond the shadow of any doubt.

Here's the other thing. What if we all stood together and worked toward a common goal? That goal is to smarten up, to clean up our act, and to clean up Mother Earth. What kind of an impact would we have then? What could we accomplish if we stood united, together, and did the right thing? The sky's the limit, I'd bet. And I'm no gambler.

That's how I see it, at least. From where I stand ...