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Jennifer's Journal

People always root for "the little guy." Whether it's right or wrong, it's out natural reaction to stick up for the underdog.

That's why I am certain that people will be upset with the City for cancelling the lease held by HELP International, forcing "the little guy" out on the streets in a mere four years. But people should be careful about making the assumption that the City of Weyburn is "out to get" the environmental research centre.

In fact, the City has been assisting HELP since day one, arranging accommodations for Art Africa in Weyburn Square Mall and then allowing them to set-up a mock African village in downtown Weyburn. The assistance continued for HELP when the City allowed them to occupy their current location at the City Farm.

Apparently, the help the City has been giving all these years will end in 2014, when they take back their land, but how long were they expected to give away a potentially valuable piece of property?

Of course, HELP is doing important environmental research on that property, I've seen it with my own eyes. Maybe they do deserve a break, but at a cost to whom? The City? The taxpayers? The government? I can't answer that.

Furthermore, HELP has apparently planted approximately 80,000 trees within the City of Weyburn, free of charge, creating a forest filter around our landfill and an 80-acre salinity reversal forest around our primary lagoon. Not-to-mention, HELP has begun planting rows of trees along the Souris River as a means to filter any hazardous run-off into the water.

Should HELP not be reimbursed for these measures, or at the very least acknowledged for this work? Whether the research into forest filter and bio-remediation is proven or not, planting more trees can't hurt.

We can all appreciate the work happening at HELP. Hearing about their zero-waste research alone makes me think twice before I throw something in the trash. But we can't all be champions of the environment - saving every piece of paper, cardboard, wood, bottles, cans - who has the space? But I am grateful that there are people out there doing the work that is necessary to make our future a little greener.

I guess it's up to us, as a community, to support HELP International, not the City. Assist them in their research, check-out what they are doing and contribute if you can, but don't condemn the City. I'm sure they are still willing to help HELP in any way they can.

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